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 i had a really sweet weekend, after a VERY busy week, hanging out with blog friends at the Arizona Blogging Conference (we missed you daniangela, ashleyreachel and lauren!).
Kristine and i were each other's wingmen...we even had a "hurry-something-terribly-awkward-just-happened-and-we-must-evacuate-immediately-meet-me-at-the-car" sign.
luckily we didn't have to use it...
we sipped a shirley temple and explored the ever-so-adorable in hotel restaurant that i can't wait to go back and try.
sparkle tables? my unicorn-loving heart cries, "YES!"
and to top it off, they had dia de los muertos skulls!
it was a fun evening learning from other bloggers and exploring another little gem in the desert i call home. thanks phoenix style collective for a great evening.

now...does anyone know where i can get these amazing stools?

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  1. first of all, you have amazing hair. but really.
    second of all i love those paints.
    third this looks like so much fun!


  2. I'm glad you had a great time. Those sparkly tables are gorgeous!

  3. Fun! That looks like a great time! Glittery tables? Yes please. 

  4. It was great meeting you at the ABC! those stools look like Bertoia, http://www.dwr.com/product/bertoia-barstool.do?sortby=ourPicks 

  5. I'm a big fan of those wire chairs too! Loved em for a while :) Check them out here:
    I think you can even buy them at Home Depot too!

  6. love your hair! 
    I meant to say something at church, but didn't have a chance with all the rustle and bustle going on in the hallway.

  7. Even my non-unicorn adoring heart skipped a beat at those tables! They look amazing. 

  8. you're awesome! thanks for the link :)

  9. yay! thank you!!! now to convince marcus...:)

  10. i know! how fun would they be in craft room? or a little girls play room?! i want

  11. I love blogger meet-ups :)

  12. i'm jealous!! i still haven't met any blogger from my areas and nobody organizes stuff like this!! :(

  13. I LOVE those mint pants! So cute. and those chairs are absolutely awesome. Need to find them somewhere!!


  14. So fun! Cute girls! Wish I was in AZ so I could have tagged along :) My husband is down there right now! AH Miss him... 

  15. it was a magical evening and i'm glad i got to meet you! sorry for being supes awk but i was trying to contain my inner fangirl. :)

  16. What a small world, for I grew up with Kristine and Matt. Ok, went to high school with. You always make me want to move back to AZ, so pray that the hub gets into Dental School there, thanks!


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