{Tunes} on Tuesday Featuring: Coldplay

gorgeous video, gorgeous group, gorgeous song, perfect for the holidays? I say yes. to all of those.
can i please go to a coldplay concert in my life. please?
I also decided to do a little fashion post today, because it's Christmas-y and because this is my blog, so i can do whatever i want. 
I used to have this things against red. i loved the color, but i thought i looked freaky when i wore it because i have green eyes and i thought they looked crazy green in red. 
i then thought i could still wear red, i just wouldn't put it right next to my face. but today i actually bought a red shirt and i'm even thinking about getting that red shabby apple dress. 
i've learned that sometimes you try something once and you decide you don't like it and then you never try it again, but you might be missing out on something really fun. the key is to try different shades. i believe everyone out there can wear every color, they just have to find the right shade!
What color do you have a hard time with?

the breakdown:
lipstick: covergirl really red 575
cardi with elbow patches: h&m
necklace: DIY
red skirt: thrifted/vintage
leather belt: jcrew sale
'a' watch: urban outfitters
green dot tights: c/o welovecolors
shoes: steve madden via ross or tj maxx

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  1. I always think I'm weird when I wear blue. Although my work uniform is navy so I'm trying to get used to It. At least whilst working then. 

  2. I love the red! You look great!

  3. Love that song, just put it in my 2011 Christmas playlist.
    And that red skirt is brilliant with the green tights. Christmas-y but not too much.
    I'm still having some trouble with red/orangey colours, especially close to my face, since I went copper. I'll find a solution, just need some time to mull it over (or just find the perfect orangey-red skirt... hehe)

  4. I love coldplay! I love this outfit! Plenty of love for this post

  5. you HAVE to see them live. it's one of the most incredible things. butterfly confetti, everywhere! 
    i love your outfit. the red and green are rocking it. 

  6. I'm in love with your hair... it is TOO beautiful!!


  7. You look so fun and festive!  Loving those tights.


  8. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song!!! 

    And I also love red. I had a period, a few years ago, that every single piece of cloth (top part) that I liked was red. My mom held a mini intervention and told me I had to expand my color scheme. Now I wear lots of bright colors (love them) and also red. 

    I have problems with white, specially in winter when I'm so pale...  

  9. Oh and yes, you should go to a Coldplay concert! They are amazing!!!

  10. coldplay is always amazing and makes every bad day good.
    but i must say that I'm melting over that red skirt. how cute is that.

    xoxo katlin

  11. seriously? you look SO pretty. love this look. i have a hard time with hot pink. but really just because i strongly dislike it and it feels the same about me. 

  12. I think red looks amazing on you!

  13. i went to a coldplay concert back in 2009 (or maybe 2008?) anyway. best. concert. ever. seriously. they do no wrong. also, you look very cute!

  14. you are stunning. love your bangs.
    ps is it bad that i went to a coldplay concert in high school and kept falling asleep? maybe i can go back in time and let you go in my place.  i'll do that if you give me this outfit.  thanks!

  15. If you ever get a chance to go see Coldplay, do not pass it up. Even if you have to skip several meals/sell your wardrobe to pay for a ticket. Their shows are just incredible. It's a visual feast, too. So. Good. So much passion. Love the red and green!

  16. There is no doubt I love your outfit but what I am absolutely dying over are those trees!!! Is that seriously AZ? Is that where you live missy? 

  17. just for the coldplay mention, this post gets a gold star. I love the song and vid for Christmas lights. Hopefully you can make it to one of their shows. I went in 2006 when they came to Cricket and it blew my mind. They're coming to LA in May. So close, yet so far.

  18. YES! that was one of the main reasons we chose this place. we were so happy to have trees and grass instead of rock yards! 


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