lunch at a local favorite: urban picnic/ still enjoying the beauty of fall around here.
loving that it's finally cool enough for welovecolor tights/ scenes from one of our many recent trips to ikea
dinner at another favorite, la grande orange and a movie with ty, sierra, ted, and lauren.
especially loving these tights/ trying to come up with as many ways as i can wear green and red together this season.
more holiday fun at the Hale Theater, seeing The Christmas Carol with the Nielson family.
trying out the three twisted buns again.
kicking myself for not waking up early and bidding on this cute 'snack set' at the auction!
some many things to thank lauren for, one being the ceviche recommendation, and another being this adorable vintage camera she gave me for my birthday! xoxo

I also wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes after the flood in our house. It made me so happy to know there were people praying for us and thinking about us. We're getting things fixed up and it's not going to be as expensive as we had originally thought, so that's a huge blessing. life is good. 
How's everything going for you? I'm starting to really stress about how soon Christmas is and how Marcus has like two things on his amazon wishlist: a $7 screwdriver and a $800 camera lense. So ya...not sure what to do about that one...Enjoy the Season!

shabby apple winner was announced here.


Brittany Witt said...

I am MAKING all of our gifts this year and have TWO done... i enjoy this, i enjoy this, i enjoy this... is my new mantra til the 25th ;-)

good luck lady!!  xx - britt

jenni austria germany said...

an $800 camera lense...sounds like my dad (who i'll end up getting flannel pj's and a popcorn tin if we're being honest here).

Megan Wara said...

I love all of these photos!

Brenn Cole said...

Check for his lens on!  I buy my camera lenses there, and they're loads cheaper.  

Bethall said...

That is a super cute camera, what an awesome gift! I got my camera and lens at cosco as well- great deal!

SUZE said...

oh, I love the twisted buns!! :) love,SUZE

Kait Mattingly said...

how cute are all of these photos. i love posts like this when it's not just one outfit or whatever.
you look so happy!

xoxo katlin

Abbey said...

Where did you get that monogrammed watch!? I really, really want one. So awesome.


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