saying goodbye to november.


well it's been an eventful month with it's ups and it's downs, but now that it's all over, i can truly say that the ups certainly outweighed the downs.
The highlight of the month (and maybe the year) most definitely being at the sealing of my sweet niece, Coco. 
After two years of anxiously waiting and waiting for the adoption papers to be finalized, we can now finally call her OURS (read more about the adoption here)! 
It was so sweet to be in the temple with my family and hear the tender words of the sealer about families, our lives in heaven and our lives together here on earth, God has a plan for each of us and sometimes families come together in less conventional ways, but they always come together just right. I'm so grateful for family and the opportunity we have to make it forever.
To celebrate Coco's "Baby Wedding" as Reachel liked to call it, she threw the cutest carnival themed party I have ever seen. There were Italian sodas, cotton candy machines, homemade pretzels, caramel apples, live music, and a photo-booth. It was so much fun! I wish you all could have been there, truly!
I continued to celebrate my birthday until the VERY last day of the month, with my free birthday meal from Benihana, topped off with strawberry Haagen-Daz ice-cream,
 And a couples massage (a gift from Marcus) to wipe away the stress of the month. Can I please have one of these weekly? SO RELAXING!
We're still working like mad on the house and still spending more time than I ever thought possible at The Home Depot. I came home from a long day working Black Friday and all my brother in laws were tearing walls down in my kitchen. It was so nice of them!
 Bought a 1960s couch, found some treasures at a patio sell, and got a key made for the new place :)
Babysat this little dude a few times and fell in love all over again!
Can I have him please?
 Not only do they have adorable kids that I love to babysit, but their house is a piece of art!
Spent time with the Nielson in-laws and my horse shirt really liked Stephanie's mouse shirt, so we let them cuddle on the couch after thanksgiving dinner.
 Speaking of Thanksgiving Dinner, did you eat way too much like I did?
 Then go to your second families house immediately after and have to eat again?
If that's not a #firstworldpain, I don't know what is...
I hope your November was simply lovely, and I hope your December will be even better!
Can you tell me your November highlights?

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Liesl said...

You are right about the ups and downs that seem to have been a big part of this month, but I am so glad that your ups were more prominent than the downs!  Loving all your hipstamatic style pictures and your niece is so stylish with those boots and how exciting that she is officially a part of the family!  Looks like you kept busy with many adventures in between and how cool that you got a 1960's couch!  Your Thanksgiving looks lovely too!

Liesl :)

Andrea said...

It was my birthday month too!!! November is the best:) I got to spend ginormous amounts of time with my husband, so a ton of sewing and creating, and we got our first Christmas tree:) Oh November, you've been good to us

jenni austria germany said...

such a firstworld problem.

and i'm obsessed with your shirt.

kitsune-kun said...

too cute coot cute. looks like a fun time! love the idea of a carnival party!

Blueleelee said...

November hmmmm, HA I've done a lot of preparing for the experience of a life time, which will happen when I'm 21... hint hint. I've been finding myself and trying to share it but I have only family following my blog o.O oh well, I'll keep trying facebook, Got Any Tips?

jorjia peach said...

you're cute. 
and i reallyyyy like your blog header. 
and i may or may not have fallen in love with that clock.

Alyx Garner said...

That "baby wedding" party looks absolutely adorable! And sheesh... November highlights? I don't know. We live in the middle of nowhere Germany, so I'm sure every time we got to take a trip was a highlight, and we did quite a few little trips in November, so that was definitely a win! 

Chelsea said...

i have goosebumps. i love this. i have never heard of a baby wedding for adoption and i think it is so beautiful. girl this is so great! 

anni said...

i had missed this post in November, and read it just now after your resent post about Coco. where did you get that Iittala glass/candle jar? aka the Made in Finland one? that's pretty random :D i mean it's a famous brand here but for you to you have one there on the other side of the world is pretty freaking cool :D

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