getting things done.


Sometimes you just have to yell to your husband to be a man and impress you and then suddenly he can lift really heavy furniture from your IKEA cart into your car and again all they way up the stairs into your bedroom. 
Then you kiss him real good and tell him how strong he is, and then everyone feels happy. 

real beds > inflatable mattresses*

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Tyler said...

haha Ikea furniture is the shiz.

kitsune-kun said...

haha. true. words.

li-sha said...

i REALLY like this post, mainly because i know from lots and LOTS of first hand experience that real bed > inflatable mattresses. :) 

Katie I. said...

Ha I am jealous of your man power! I had to cart all my Ikea stuff into my new apartment piece by piece since I couldn't cary the box...then I had to build all of it myself too! But then again, it made me feel like a strong capable woman and I liked that. :)

Irene Navajas said...

my guy moved this weekend and all I could help him with was carrying bags of food or clothes, not big stuff!

Alyx Garner said...

IKEA is the best ever! Hubby and I got a bed there for 39 EUR. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself, especially since we're only here for a year, and that bed is NOT makin' it home with us. 

Kim said...

Husbands/dedicated boyfriends are the best.

Yesterday I went to Wendy's and ordered a frosty but ended up getting a junior bacon cheeseburger (what?) instead. I emailed my boyfriend and a little while later he showed up at my work with a junior frosty in tow. I love that romantic frosty loving sap.

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