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This weekend we went down to Old Town Gilbert for some dinner at Liberty Market (remember this story?) and afterwards we wanted something sweet, but not to big. It was then that we saw Joe's Real BBQ across the street and Marcus had the bright idea to go get cookies--remember how much we loved them last time we had a taste?
We bustled over there as fast as our full bellies could manage, stood in quite and extensive line and grabbed ourselves a couple of cookies. As we walked back to our car, we began to indulge...only it wasn't indulging this time. I took one bite and felt nothing. Another, and it was just as bland. Where had the Ooo and Aww gone from these chocolaty treats?
I tweeted my disappointment and then forgot about the event. Not an hour later I received a message from Joe's explaining that they would like to apologize and requested my address. I was pretty impressed with the apology alone and didn't expect anything more, imagine my surprise and delight when I opened the mailbox to find a note from them that also included a nice gift card and a request to give the cookies another try.

I really respect companies that are determined to please their patrons and go the extra mile to make things right. I didn't have to go in ranging and demand to speak with a manager, all I did was tweet something like, "Did Joe's change their recipe, the cookies weren't as good tonight." And that was more dissatisfaction than they wanted their costumer to feel. I really like that Joe, thanks. You'll be seeing me soon, Fear not...But those cookies better be good.

What are some businesses that have policies you respect?


Elizabeth Bryant said...

We miss Joe's a lot - it's one of our favorites in AZ. Their food is amazing but equally as good is their service. I've been impressed over and over again with them, especially Joe himself. Once a year (I think it's in June) they have a "customer appreciation day". Not only do they give you a free meal but Joe goes around to everyone in line and personally thanks them for their patronage. The first time I went, I was blown away by his genuine gratitude. He is a really great guy who makes great food and I feel happy to support his businesses. 

Rachel Luke said...

Haha ! That is awesome! Way to go Joe's.


Michaela Willard said...

Texas Roadhouse. I went in Idaho Falls with a friend there once. They seated us and then ended up forgetting about us. They never came to take our order. After a while we figured something wasn't right, so my friend went and asked somebody. They gave us a huge free sample of their brisket, knocked off at least half of our bill (we paid maybe $12 for both of us), and gave us two giftcards so that we could come back and get whatever we wanted for free. We got a LOT of Texas Roadhouse food for free. Also Krispy Kremes Doughnuts in Orem. I went through the drive-through with a friend and we ordered about 5 specialized doughnuts. When we got our goods it was a box of a dozen glazed. My friend went in to get our order and a refund. We ended up getting our order and the dozen glazed for free. Okay, I'll stop now. 

Libby Bartscht said...

we recently coughed up $150 and went to dinner at Mastros.  We never spend that much on food but we decided to treat ourselves.  The first time we went the meal was amazing..this time, not so much at all!  The $50 steaks had NO none.  I should have spoken up then at hte restaurant but i didnt, and the next morning I emailed them letting them know service was great, the sides were great but the steak wasnt good at all.  It's been 2 weeks and I havent heard a word from them.  I am totally disappointed with them.  Even a sorry would have done, but nothing!

Jenna Foote said...

That's really awesome! I have a lot of respect for Joe and am pleased to see his customer service extends beyond the restaurant.

Abbey said...

I like the handwritten note they sent you. That is customer dedication right there! It's hard to find that these days. Unfortunately, my hater list for companies is much longer than my love list. My favorite business of all time? Disneyland. The Disneyland parks have so many cool incentives and secrets they offer. It's truly magical.

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EmmaAshby said...

That is awesome! :] Good thing Joe's Real BBQ follows your tweets! :]

lauren hunter said...

I used to buy a lot of Amy's products when I was vegan AND a baller. I got one can of soup that had mold in it when I opened it up. I wrote them to tell them about it and they went nuts. They checked all of their shipments, apologized profusely, found that it was a completely isolated incident, and after asking around online I found that it had never happened before. What I think happened was that the can was punctured somehow and air got in. Anyway, Ay's felt so bad that they sent me $75 in vouchers for their products. It was insane and I ate like a king for months.

Lauren @ Sea Parrot

Mecadeecirah Murmucoturk said...

People Tree. Wonderful clothing company that really go the extra mile for their customers to know the origin of the clothes. Also have Emma Watson as a guest designer of recent. Love the stuff.

Garnish with the Bizarre

jenni austria germany said...

that's amazing...i love businesses like that.

Sue said...

If you haven't tried Joe's lemon cake, I highly recommend it:)

Aubrey Chevrier said...

That is awesome! What an awesome company. 

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