iphone recap.


Good things are happening at H&M right now.
Got this pretty little drape shirt this week at H&M it's so comfy and only $12!
F1 Race Factory with the brothers
Speed racers.
Marcus and I (mostly Marcus) is trying to eat less bread (pasta, grains, etc) and so we've been eating a lot of fruit and this breakfast of fresh nectarines and yogurt had me craving more and more all week!
The things we talk about. @marcusan
um, ya, my text messages are really serious stuff usually...
LOVE this entry way.
I'm obsessed with this entry way. I'm trying to figure out if I could do the address like that on a home someday...
Palm. #lookingup#lookingup
Snuggling with my favorite Coco.
Snuggling my precious neice.
Grilled cheese and tomato heaven!
Spent some time in Downtown Phoenix for First Friday and ate the best grilled cheese of my life @ The Main Ingredient.
Cute! #vintage
Antiquing Saturday! Still kicking myself for not buying this bag. It was a little pricey though...
Saturday Date Night at Scottsdale Mall.
We smelled fancy pantsy cologne at Barneys. Then Marcus said someday he wanted to take me to a really nice make-up place and drop a bunch of money on me! Hahah I never expected to hear that from him, but, okay...if he insists...:)
Man on the moon.
Grill time.
Marcus grilled us up some chicken for Sunday dinner. It was fantastic and we've decided that if we get the condo that we're bidding on right now, we're going to buy a grill first and then when we have more money buy an oven. Ha! Is that a ridiculous idea?
His & Hers.
Made these again for dessert. PERFECTION! Have you tried the recipe yet?
it is decided that i take too many pictures. so sue me if i see a lot of beautiful things...
What have you got going on this Labor Day? Be Safe!


Liz said...

Those nectarines look so delish! And I think that having a grill before an oven is totally legit in Arizona!

Ronellecali said...

It's not a crazy dea when you love in the desert like we do. I have a friend who cooks lasagna on her grill! It's way to hot for indoor cooking.

Horsecrazyrachel99 said...

Nice text. Gotta love those grilled cheese ;)

Rachel Luke said...

CUTE SHIRT from H&M! They are finally building one by where I go to school,I can't wait! You are adorable.

check me out at

Cara Lorsch said...

Grilled Cheese and Corn Dogs are my life. I now have a new place to go other than Sonic for Grilled Cheese! Thanks for the tip! Also I need to go to H&M pronto! Never been yet and I think I am finally ready to discover the awesome that is that store.
As for today??? Lounging in the pool with my besties and a Dr Pepper. :)

Katrina Brocco said...

Totally buy the grill first!  My parents just got a new grill that I has a thermometer so they can get it to the right heat.  They have made pizza in it and I think they want to try cookies.  Haha.

Chelseyoliver7 said...

I just love you two... so classy

kylee said...

you can never take too many pictures!

Conny said...

More pictures soon! :) I love Iphone pictures.!

littlemissbogan said...

Love the top (and the headscarf in that pic) and the photo of all those pumpkins! there's totally no such thing as too many photos!

Hailey said...

Hate to break it, but fruit = carbs!

Jenna Foote said...

Oh, that shirt is cute! I might have to go get one of my own, but I'll probably just look pregnant in it. :(

We tried to take our kidlets to see Winnie the Pooh at the dollar theater but it turned out everyone had the same idea, so we cruised the mall instead. And took your advice and held a puppy without any intention of buying it. ;)

Emma Ashby said...

So many wonderful pictures. I am in love with the shirt you bought, the bag you didn't buy, and your shoes in every picture. Also, your text messages are hilarious! :]

Abby Adams said...

I can't wait to buy pumpkins!

kelly said...

obsessed with this collection of photos.  You are adorable!

Libby Bartscht said...

I want to go to a first Friday so badly but it's all the way in LA (1 hour away) and I nanny til late on Fridays :(  and be careful with carbs in sugar/fruit! you should get greek yogurt, it has 0-3 carbs per cup where regular yogurt can have up to 20!

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