First Friday in Foenix.


Let's just get this out of the way right off, I know that's not how you spell Phoenix...
Now that that elephants out of the way, let me tell you about one of my favorite dates to date.
It's a little thing called First Friday and it happens once a month on, you guessed it, the first Friday of that month. 
It's an event in Downtown Phoenix from 6pm-10pm and people set up craft booths, art galleries stay open, and The Phoenix Art Museum is FREE!
Josiah McElheny. #amazing #art
We went to go see the craft booths and listen to the street musicians, but got pulled into the Art Museum due to this lovely starbeam of glass right inside the entrance. Can you blame us?
Before we knew it, it was 10PM and we had spent our whole evening browsing the art, discussing our favorites, pretend shopping in the gift shop (and a little for-reals shopping), running into an old friend from high school, pretend decorating our dream house with various out-of-our-budget art pieces. 
It was such a wonderful night filled with conversations that wouldn't have come, but that we were in such a creative place. Sometimes environment can really bring things out of people...It was enchanting, and I felt so good at the end of the night, I couldn't stop smiling. 
It felt like the beginning stages of dating, when you're just so enamored with the boy you are with and the great time you're having with them. It was lovely, and we can't wait to do go back next month, maybe next time we'll actually make it to the street event. But then again, maybe we won't...

Orange. #art #modern
Burnt wood. #modern #art
Any great FREE events in your city that we should check out, should we ever be visiting?


kitsune-kun said...

oh fun! we definitely need to find out what else is free here. we're so poor in such an expensive city!

cordray06 said...

I live in Kansas City, and they have first Fridays as well! I've never actually made it to one because I always work in Friday nights, but eventually I will take off a Friday and go!

Emma Davis said...

We have First Fridays in Albany (NY) too!  Great pics!

Rachel Luke said...

I love the photo's! How fun!


boldandbeautiful37 said... sweet :) If you ever happen to visit Providence, RI, you have to come down to Waterfire, on the Canal, where they light fires on metal braziers in the middle of the water. Beautiful!

Aiketa said...

There is one night during May, in Barcelona, when most of the museums are open and free. It's so nice! 
Also there is some water fountains with color light show each weekend during Spring and Summer. I love it. These fountains are located in one of the most beautiful areas of the city for me. (The name of the fountains is: Fonts de Montjuïc). 

EmilyWilcock said...

Heath and I have a picture in front of that "star" too. It's also free on I believe Wednesday evenings. Like after 5 or something. Aren't those kinds of giddy dates fun?! They come around less often though after children so soak them up!

Vanessa_Lu said...

lovely pics!

Kylie Pond said...

We went to First Friday in Flagstaff! Not quite as cool since we don't have an art museum, but still tons of fun.

Natasha Hollerup said...

There are so many in Milwaukee for you to hit, but I think they're all done for the Summer. :(

Irene Navajas said...

in Paris, first Sunday of every month all museums are FREE. ALL. First time I went to Paris I was 17 so I didn't pay anyway, but the next time I was over 18 and it certainly makes a difference if you choose the right day!

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