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{Top Five} Blogs You Might Not Know About, But Should:
piotr= my favorite post on
Jenni and I have already decided that once we meet in real life, we will be best friends. She is hilarious and even if she wasn't, it's an American in a foreign country with a Polish boyfriend who says the most innocently hysterical things I've ever heard how can you go wrong with a combo like that?!
Please read her Conversations with a Polish Boy Series. You will be glad you did.

eday is the girl i have a lot of things to be jealous about. first off, she recently went to Europe and met up with the previously mentioned Jenni. From what I got to read about their adventure together, it sounded like the best of time. A time i would have very much liked to be included in. 
The other things that really turn me green with envy are one, her hair, and two,  the fact that she lives in California, right near the beach, the beautiful weather, and all the best shopping. 
I, on the other had live in the hottest place on earth...ughhh. Why don't I live there? At least I can live vicariously through her via her blog--and you can too, right here:

delicious, simple recipes+
gorgeously stylish girl+
happy, handsome new husband=

This blog is so inspirational. It's basically color pallets, and its a great reference for anything from wedding color ideas, blog designs, family pictures, or decorating your house. I love the creative and beautiful combinations she comes up with!

I just think she's one of the cutest little things I've ever seen and I'm so impressed that almost all of her clothes are thrifted! Plus her pictures are so fun to look at! Can you believe that first one?

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Blogs?


Notes She Wrote said...

I agree! Jenni's conversations with a Polish boy are SO SO SO FUNNY!! haha :)

ilene said...

you totally highlighted 3 of my fave!

Lauren Gardner said...

I love this post! Ok the blogs I love are:
I Belive in Unicorns ;)My Happy Thought (www.gavinandlauren.blogspot.com)
Rockstar Diaries (http://taza-and-husband.blogspot.com/)
Mormon in Manhatten (http://www.mormoninmanhattan.blogspot.com/)
Book Shop Talk (http://www.bookshoptalk.com/)
Rebeka Westover (http://rebekahwestover.blogspot.com/)
ALL so much fun!

Lauren Brimley said...

I love all of those blogs!

Johanna said...

Blog recommendations! Love them! My favorite, new for me, blog is The Wily Ways of a Brunette Bombshell: http://or-so-i-feel.blogspot.com/

kylee said...

yeppp. jenni austria germany is such a good one. my fav is when she does conversations with a polish boy. i laugh so hard every time!
one of my favorite blogs is http://spenceandkim.blogspot.com/ she has such a great sense of humor and her writing is amaaaazing. she's one of those awesome bloggers that somehow slipped under the radar but really shouldn't have.

Libby said...

 I am sitting at my desk at work and am laughing sooo hard at the conversations with a Polish Boy.  i am trying so hard to mask the noises i make while laughing but i am howling!

jenni austria germany said...

what! this is the nicest surprise!!! i love you!

Mara said...

Aw how sweet! Thank you so much Ashley!! I am so flattered :) and thank you for introducing me to some new blogs!! I already love and adore eday! Have a great weekend sweet girl!!

Kelly Bunn said...

pretty blogs :)
i ALWAYS check these blogs daily: busybeelauren.comabeautifulmess.typepad.comtaza-and-husband.blogspot.compoppymilkface.wordpress.com

brissa said...

jenni austria germany is one of my top favorite blogs!

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