{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Think Pink!


I've found the perfect summertime dress!
It's so easy to through on, add a cute belt to for date night, and stay cool in the sun.
The best part is, it's only $12 at H&M and they have like 8 colors to choose from.
Hurry, Hurry, go get one, and then go buy one of my cute belts to dress it up!
The Breakdown:
Gold Hoops: Forever21
Gold Coin Necklace: EmersonMade
White T-Shirt: Gap on sale
Pink Dress: H&M
Gold Bangles: H&M
Flower Belt: June.July (my shop)
Gold Watch: c/o Mimi's 
Navy Striped Shoes: Target


Conny Ramirez said...

Im gonna need to stop by your shop to buy one of your belts!! SO CUTE! thankfully next week is my payday :P

Emma Ashby said...

This makes me wish I was down in the valley. I would be at H&M immediately! Also my a portion of my next paycheck may just be going towards one of your adorable belts! :)

Aubrey Chevrier said...

Love your outfit! Oh and I think Abercrombie copied you on the adorable flower belt thing. Except yours are cuter, handmade, and don't cost a small fortune ($50)... so go you!! :) 

Rhoda said...

Love me some H&M! But they haven't opened the Dallas one up yet (I used to go to the ones in Chicago all the time when I lived there!)

Yay for a great find!

Michelle McClure said...

Okay I have so many watches but that is the one I have been drooling over from Fossil for over 100bones.  And now I see one for 25!!!!  CRAP!  I need that!

Katy said...

Love the bubblegum pink! I have those same shoes, aren't they super comfy? (:

Ashley Nielson said...

they're like wearing slippers i love them

Blue said...

LOVE the flower belt. And the dress, I think I have the grey version... And that old Coca Cola sign in the background. So cool.

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