What's In Your Make-Up Bag?

I love talking to other people about their make-up preferences, because let's face it, when all that beautiful product adorning photoshopped supermodels are before you, it can be pretty overwhelming!
So, I'll let you explore the contents of my make-up bag if you let me explore yours!
cutest bag of my life c/o Modcloth! it carries your make-up and teaches you french!
is it awkward to talk about deodorant on the blog? let's just say no and then i can tell you about how delicious this brand smells! my fav is watermelon, but i haven't been able to find it for awhile so cucumber melon was my second choice.
most romantic smelling perfume in the world, but maybe that's because it was my wedding gift from marcus and gifts received on honeymoons will always be romantic :)
this stuff saved my life in the dry, cold, windy climate that was Rexburg and i've never given it up. it's really moisturizing without being greasy and it's great for sensitive skin.
 1. NuSkin Tinted Moisterizer. I'd sell my soul for this stuff. Evens out my skin tone, but is so light and wonderful.
2. MAC studio fix to set my moisturizer and remove shine
4. Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil (I use it to set my under-eye concealer)
6. Maybelline Blush (not my favorite, need suggestions!)
7. Retractable Avon Blush Brush is great for travel
1. (Random no-name) Under-eye sort of light color concealer
2. Max Factor Under-eye really light color concealer
3. Sponge for application
4. Grow Luscious Mascara, i really liked this, but it dried out faster than other mascara...
5. Loreal Voluminous, I used to be obsessed with this brand, but lately it's been letting me down. I like a good sized brush that remains stiff after many applications (but I don't like those rubber brushes.) Any suggestions?
6. InColor Fabuliner Black, nice clean lines, way easier to use than traditional liquid eyeliner.
7. InColor Fabuliner Brown
8. Jordana Expresso Pencil Eyeliner for when I want my make-up to look really natural and this brand is particularly soft and smooth.
9.White eyeliner, I use this on the inside of my bottom lid. It really brightens my eyes. I've had this one for a long time and I have no idea what brand it is, but I'm sure any would work.
10. Revlon Eyelash curler, aka my best friend.
11. Revlon tweezers for taking care of stray eyebrows or any other stray hairs about your face. This brand is nice and tights, so you can have better accuracy.

1. Revlon Really Red, i wore this for my wedding.
2. MAC Vegas Volt, perfect coral pink for the summer.
3. Bath & Body Works Lip Shine, this stuff is heavenly, non-stick, cooling and minty (and it even tastes kind of good)
4. Maybelline ColorSensational. It's a lipstain (which marcus loves, because it doesn't get on his lips after a kiss) I like this, but I like Target Pixie better, it's just so expensive :(

Okay, so now what'd I'd love is for you to do your own "What's In Your Make-Up Bag" blog post and then link back here. Be sure and share your original link in the comment section so we can all get a personal scoop on what you love and what you think we should skip out on!

if you don't have a blog, go ahead and tell me a few 'must-haves!'

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  1. ooh, i'm totally doing this!!! but i gotta run errands first... i'll be on it ASAP though! ;)

    is it ok that i don't have a makeup "bag," but rather I have a makeup Caboodle?  (ha, yes, I rock the Caboodle, but it's totally updated and gorgeous!) :)

  2. I just bought ELF's pink lemonade all over rouge stick. I love it for blush. That and I've heard Nars' "orgasm" is an epic blush.

  3. how fun! i love stuff like this.
    concerning blush recommendations, i've been trying to use more drugstore makeup lately (the cheapness is astounding!) so i picked up some maybelline dream mousse blush and it is sooooo great!  it stays on my face FOREVER.  i have the color peach satin and it looks so nice! 
    and my must-haves: monistat thigh chafing gel for primer.  it sounds crazy, but google it.  it's seriously amazing and my makeup doesn't come off! 

  4. If you haven't tried them clean and clear blotting cloths are awesome. Target brand even has some that a little cheaper and you get like 20 more sheets These are a great thing to keep in your purse instead of putting on more powder. Shine gone!

  5. I live for posts like this! (ok...that was kind of dramatic, but I do love learning about people's makeup routines.) I've done an everyday face video - http://noseriously-thatisall.blogspot.com/2011/01/one-where-im-in-rollers.html

    For blush I like Elf and NYX for drugstore options, and NARS for a high-end option. :)

  6. julie from nashvilleJuly 8, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    You should try Laura Geller's blushes: http://www.laurageller.com/landing/cheeks. The one I have is "Blush & Brighten". And I love Loreal's Million Lashes mascara.

    Have you ever heard of Birchbox.com? It's a monthly make-up gift sent to you each month for $10. It's automatic and you can cancel anytime with no penalty. they send you an adorable hot pink box every month with 4-5 industrial size make-up, hair, face-care, lotion, nail polish, etc. samples for you to try. And if you go online and review them you get points toward full-size products thru Birchbox.

    And no, I dont work for them, I just love the program. It gives me a chance to try top-of-the-line make-up (a la Laura Geller) that I would never purchase out-right (I'm too thrifty). The LG blushes are $30, but I will definitely buy one for myself once my sample runs out. It's THAT GOOD.

    Longest comment ever? Sorry. I love makeup.

  7. this all sounds amazing! i love a long comment as long is its full of goodies like this :)

  8. it doesn't make you break out? i'm totally down for trying it! haha

  9. i have a caboodle too! only it's totally not updated and gorgeous. straight from the 80s :)

  10. As far as blush, I love love love my Nars! I use Orgasm (sorry, that's the name..) and it's a cool pink that's very shimmery. love.

  11. Lovely post! I enjoy reading about what other people consider their essentials! http://curvaceous-chic.blogspot.com/2011/07/make-up-madness.html

  12. for blush benetint by benefit!!! i have been using it for over ten years - the more color you want the more tint you add - it is liquid and extremly light with great color .  i am olive complected with dark features and my fair skinned ( ginger ) friend tried it one day and made me go to sephora with her the next day to buy it 

  13. Laura Mercier makes a beauitful blush. it's small and expensive but i've had mine for 7 months, use it every day, and there is still tons left!

  14. I'm going with the other chick so said to try Benetint... it is a little expensive, but it's a beautiful color AND turns out it's an awesome lip stain too!  Dab on a little and coat with normal lip balm and it lasts all day.  Nars "orgasm" is also a really pretty color, but their products really broke out my skin :(

  15. I 2nd the Nars! and also Fruit Cocktail by Bare Escentuals.

  16. Nars orgasm is truly the best. And I swear it works on every skin tone. It is one of the only things I swear by.

    Try it, and you can thank me later (:

  17. I used to have a purple glitter one growing up, but the heart latch on it broke :( 

  18. I love Stilla's blushes (i've tried like erry color)...aaaaaaaand jcrew uses them lately too so you can get them even cheaper when they go on sale!  use an old brush to apply and it will last longer.

  19. Nars Orgasm is by far the best blush. The only thing that comes close to it would be going on a nice long run then keeping that blush pasted on your face for the rest of the day. :) Bad analogy! I also am IN LOVE with the CO Bigelows lemon lip balm from Bath and Body Works or Urban Outfitters. It's amazing and it tastes delicious!! Sephora's trial mascara is the best I've ever used. 

  20. I finally got the chance to show off my make-up bag!  Can you tell what brand of makeup I love best?! haha


  21. I'm with you on the mascara brush thing. I hate those little rubber ones! I've been using Maybelline's "The Falsies" for a few months and LOVE it. It comes in a purple bottle. People ask me all the time what mascara I use since I started using it. :)

  22. strangely, no!  and i have super sensitive skin.  so you can definitely trust me.

  23. Hey Ashley for mascara i suggest cover girl lash blast! Ive been using it for awhile and love it! I always get compliment on my lashes looking long and i think it helps with that! Also for blush i like revlon colorstay mineral blush or covergirl & olay simply ageless sculpting blush! Both stay on really well. They are not too overwelming but still gets that flushed look you want! :)

  24. I love what's in your bag posts, and this one followed suit! :) My favorite mascara recently is Maybelline "The Falsies!" It both lengthens and thickens well, isn't TOO expensive, and the brush olds up!

    I've been totally having issues with my blush, too! I think I've used five in the past 2 months, and I can't get into anything! I used to use Benefit Pink Leopard, and loved it, but it got expensive to keep buying. :( I was using a random Cover Girl for awhile, which was fine, but I want to be impressed! I have that Nars O*****m blush (Hahaha I can't even say write it out, seriously...) and even though everyone seems to love it, I am SO not impressed and it is SO not worth the money - it looks way too bright and very unnatural! That's that for now... I just bought a mini sample pack of 3 Benefit tins, and I will let you know how that goes! Whew! Longest comment ever! Haha.

  25. i love maybelline mascara and I think you should check out Lisa Eldridge's blog http://www.lisaeldridge.com/ She had taught me alot in makeup. :)

  26. Hallelujah for MAC Studio Fix.  I also love MAC eye shadows, especially "Vex."  I have tried lots of mascara and I still love Maybelline Full 'N Soft... it never gets clumpy.  For lipstick I love Revlon... their ColorStay Lipcolor lasts a really long time, and the ColorStay Liquid Lipstick stays forever and doesn't kiss off (that's for you, Marcus).

  27. Also, my favorite thing right now is primer. I never thought I'd be one of those people, but I totally am! My favorite favorite stuff is this: http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/skin-care/skin-care-best-sellers/vitamin-c-skin-boost.aspx. It seriously makes your skin feel like satin and look ahhmazing. Oh, and it smells like citrus. 

  28. I have "orgasm" lol.. all of their blushes have dirty names. I think it's nice but it only looks good on me (I think) when I have a tan. I want to find one for more fair skin... but the blush is expensive (in the $40s I paid for it, I think) however a little goes a long way so I imagine it will last for years.. literally.

  29. http://leslieomg.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-makeup-bag.html
    I love this post! Makeup for other people is something I've been so curious about!
    But I swear by Clean and Clear products for ANYTHING and Maybelline for my foundation. With others, I break out, though I've been meaning to try the new covergirl stuff with cucumber in it.

  30. oh my gosh, mod cloth is stepping it up! that bag is adorable.

  31. here's what's in my make-up bag...http://babyblueyes89.blogspot.com/2011/07/whats-in-your-make-up-bag.html. i LOVE cetaphil! it is my favorite product in the world! 

  32. http://steveandjessmarcum.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-beauty-essentials.html

    I finally posted on beauty essentials! I loved your post...I posted about the lipstain I prefer, I definitely recommend it!


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