a weekend recap.


The wonderful people over at Mimi's The Look sent this bracelet to me and they also included a special deal for you!
You can get 10% off your order (for the next two weeks) with the offer code UNICORN.
These are on my wish list: here, here, here, here, and here.
Greatest clip in the world c/o Modcloth
Test driving a Prius and dreaming of the day we can own one.
I'd love to hear your input if you drive one yourself :)
 Dinner and a love game at Claim Jumpers
New Sonicare head. Best. Feeling. Ever.
 Our garage door broke.
We were held captive for a while until Marcus and Sterling busted out their manly muscles and fixed the problem.
I love a handy man (especially one with such a cute tush...)
 Dinner at the in-laws always included beautiful flowers.
A gift from Alice and Jay.
Summer reading? I think yes.

What were you busy with this weekend?


Irene Navajas said...

sure i was. studying, going out with friends, spending time with my love and buying some stuff for my trip to France!!! i'm leaving tomorrow! yayyy ^^

Tntcutie said...

What a darling clip! And p.s., We LOVE our prius!

Johanna said...

We do have a Prius, have had one for years. They're glorious to drive, it's so easy. It's also kind of fun to try to get the battery full-loaded by eco-driving. 
My weekend consisted of tanning, reading and playing with my little cousins. It was lovely.

LeAhnna said...

so i just stumbled across your blog and i love it so much! just thought you might like to know. :)

life in a nutshell

Rhoda said...

oh man, seeing your sonic brush makes me miss mine. i just might have to invest in one again!

Chloe_rushworth said...

So love the modcloth clip.

C x
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Alexis Kaye said...

I don't own a prius, but we use them at my work and they seem to be really great! I've been here a year and we've never had problems with them! I drive a corolla though and I'm recently converted to Toyota from Honda. I get 36MPG baby!


Dana @ wonder forest said...

umm pretty sure i love your blog now based on the fact that you love unicorns too. haha. you should check out my site... i make plush unicorns :)
xo dana

angela hardison said...

all i know is i drove in my friend's prius a few times, and the AC was sucky. totally a dealbreaker for me in this hellish heat. (maybe it was just his?)

jenni austria germany said...

i looooove that hairclip.  good call, modcloth!

Emme said...

I drive one and loooooooove it! 

Stephanie said...

I drive a white prius and I absolutely love it; I live in the city and it is incredible to hear the car turn on and off on its own when I'm stuck in traffic!! 

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