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Here's that post that was supposed to post this morning...but I'm not complaining, at least it wasn't lost forever!
Well, I'm off marching in my cap and gown in an adult pretend game of Hogwarts, hoping I don't trip (it is Friday the 13th, afterall).

So, I leave you with my
{Top Five} Things I Learned From College:
1. Judging People is a Waste of Time. 
You have no idea what they've come from and what they're dealing with.
I attribute this knowledge to my major/related elective classes (Family and Human Development+Sociology) and the opportunity I had to make acquaintances with an array of people I normally wouldn't have interacted with. That's what college does--mixes you in with people from all walks of life; It's pretty amazing like that.

2. High School Drama Doesn't Matter.
I loved high school. I had the greatest friends ever, and I will always look back at it with fondness, but along with the joys of High School seem to come the catty girls you thought you'd loath forever more.
 Turns out, after high school, you never really think about it again, and you realize none of it really mattered.

3. College Goes by Insanely Fast.
Make sure to take it all in. 
Sign up for those crazy classes you might not need, but will make you a more interesting person. 
College opens up so many opportunities you may never have access to again. Take advantage of it! 
My favorite classes were my crazy ones--Argentine Tango, Acting, Ballet, and Costuming. Sure, I probably could have graduated early had I skipped out on those, but what's the rush?!

4. Critical Thinking is Critical in Life.
"If there's only one thing you learn in my class this semester, may it be to think critically." 
If you go to university, you may have heard this from more than one of your professors--it seemed to be the main goal at mine, and for good reason. Growing up we're taught to fall in line, and we tend to accept whatever we see, hear, or read, but in a world where anyone can write anything, we've got to learn to question things and find out truth for ourselves. I've always felt like a good critical thinker, but college has refined that skill in me and I hold that it as one of my most prized.

5. Rate My Professor is a Lifesaver & University Bookstores Rip You Off.
There are few things worse than having to spend an entire semester with a horribly {mean, obnoxious, boring} professor, when you don't absolutely have to. So check out what other's have to say about them before you sign up for a class. The professor makes a huge difference, and thanks to this handy dandy website, I had so many amazing ones!
If you're lazy and/or rich, then you should buy your books at the University Bookstore. Otherwise, you should buy/rent your books online. I can't tell you how much money I saved using a website called BIGWORDS. It searches all the textbook sellers online and shows you their prices. Then you get to choose the best deal. This semester alone I saved around $230.
Do you like how I slipped two into number 5? I make my own rules 'round these parts...
The way my mind works and how I see and interact with people has completely transformed (for the better, I think) thanks to my time at ASU and I'm seriously so grateful I did it!
Now, feel free to send me flowers, and gifts, and direct deposits--I'll even accept a cruise if you so desire...;)
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Alicedewitt said...

Congratulations Ashley!  You rock!

li-sha said...

 congratulations! i totally agree, high school drama is a complete waste. i honestly can't even remember who the popular girl clique in my grade were, and i only graduated three years ago. 

Thegarciaharrisfamily said...


Rosie said...

Congratulations lovely!! xoxo

Lisa Travers said...

 Congratulations! :D

Hailey Christine said...

 How do you curl your hair like that?!It's so pretty.

Caroline Ikeji said...

cograts, grad!!!

and yeah...campus  bookstores are RIDICULOUS.

 caroline - pictures & words

jenni austria germany said...

 they are evil, those bookstores!

Johanna said...

 That red dress. So pretty. I love what you wrote about critical thinking. I think that's one of the most important things you learn from school. You can use it everywhere in your life.

Kara said...

 Loved this post! Congratulations :) :) I got my bachelor's from ASU in family and human development too! It's so exciting to read everyone's graduation posts...there's almost no feeling as special. Bask in it!!

Aubrey Chevrier said...

 #5 soo true. I love rate my professor... and I firmly believe the school bookstore is completely evil. I would love to know how much they make on just one book after they sell it to you for a bajillion dollars and then buy it back for $5 and then resell it for half a bajillion again. :) I wish I had known about that site. I got to the point where I refused to buy my books, or I would share one with a bunch of other people. 

Aubrey Chevrier said...

 P.S Congrats on graduating!!!!!!

Jenny said...

 As for #3... I thought college was kinda slow and boring and I wished every day for it to be over xD

Vee said...

Congratulations! I'm hoping to graduate by Christmas. It has been a long road for me. But I can't wait for that day.
Cute dress by the way.

Autumn said...

Congratulations!  It's an exciting feeling to be graduated and realize how much you have learned :)

my first giveaway :)

Leslie said...

 congratulations! and thank you for the website for number 5, that is a very big problem i face currently, and it will help tons!

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