I had a lovely post all written out about my {Top Five} Things I Learned and Loved about College, but stinkin' blogger has been having some serious issues for the past for days and the scheduled draft is gone...
(are they ever coming back???)
Maybe later I'll re-write it.
Until then, I'm going to lounge around in my new ASU maroon welovecolors leggings--which happen to be the best leggings ever! 
Mmm, I may just be living in these for the next few days...

Here are pictures from graduation:
Commencement Night:
dotted tights c/o We Love Colors
Ladies and Gentlemen, you are witnessing pure, genuine magic right there. 
I would simply tap my foot, and **Vwalah**, my robe would appear! It really kept the crowds entertained.
Until the fireworks show caught a nearby mountain on fire--then my attentive crowds were lost...Crazy night.
Found out I graduated Summa Cum Laude.
Which basically just makes me feel cool, because, um, did you read that title outloud? 
It's just cool.
Turns out moving your tassel from the right to the left after your degree is conferred upon you feels pretty awesome. I love traditions like that.
Convocation Morning:
I woke up to the most awesomely decorated car ever! 
My big sister wasn't able to come to the ceremony, but she showed her support via car art. It was amazing. and yes, that does say 'chizarts.'
This dress was my mom's in the 80s. 
I'm in love with it, and it happens to be one of my school colors.
So, naturally, it was my graduation dress of choice.
It was a great last few days. I feel so good--and I strongly endorse graduating! :)



Rachel B. - S. said...

Aw what great pictures!! So happy for you, congratulations!! Summa Cum Laude.. that is so great, smarty! And your outfits are great, obvs.

Kaycie said...

CONGRATS! That is such a big accomplishment. You should be so proud! I hope to do the same thing in a year or two :)

Erin Sandrick said...

did i miss a post? i thought you were living in the cold... and now you're graduating from asu. hmmm.

jamie-lee said...

Oh man blogger has been so annoying lately ! Congrats on graduating!! Both dresses are cute but just adore the yellow one :)

Ashley said...

 So many things to comment on! First, those green polka dot tights?? Ah! I'm in love.

Congrats on Summa Cum Laude (I had to scroll up to find out how to spell that - LOL)!

Um...your mom is stunning. Clearly we can see where you get your sense of style. :)

Mackenzie Wilson said...

Congrats on graduating! It's such an amazing feeling. And can I tell you that I your yellow dress and your shoes. Where did you get those gorgeous red shoes?

Ashley Nielson said...

thanks! they're Seychelles. i think i got them at DSW online . i think i got them at DSW online 

Ashley Nielson said...

that's my mother in law. but thank you, she is beautiful! 

Ashley Nielson said...

hahah ya after marcus graduated, we moved back to ASU. i did most of my schooling at ASU campus, but when i moved to idaho, i did ASU online so I could graduate on time :) 

Lacy said...

 OH goodness love the clothes. That 80's dress is awesome! but... i'm confused!! I thought that you went to school in Rexburg? BYU-I?

Lacy said...

Nevermind this post I read further down the comments and you already answered my question! haha :) 

Becky said...

Congratulations!!!! So excited for you!  BUT I thought your text said your ceremony was, um, this morning and I knew Rich and I couldn't make it then. IF it was  last night I"m super bummin that I wasn't there!  So proud of you :)

Cassandra Nafziger said...

Congratulations!!! Wow! You worked really hard! Great job Ashley! Woot Woot! What's next?

Great photos by the way! 

Kenzie said...

 Congrats on graduating! It is a great feeling (I bet, I have three weeks left) and that dress of your mom's is incredible!

sugarplumsara said...

congrats ashley! this is so exciting!
 House of Shoes

jenni austria germany said...

 so many cute grad dresses??!!

Johanna said...

 Congratulations!! I must feel amazing to finally graduate! I love your dresses, and even that grad gown looks great. Haha :)

Shelby said...

Congrats! That dress of your mom's is absolute stunning. The shoes were pretty awesome too :) 

Irene Navajas said...

congratulations Ashley!
and you look great in that yellow dress!! =)

Magnolia Mom said...

Recently found your blog.  Very cool!  Congrats on your graduation.  My cousin goes to ASU.

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