{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Nudity Week (but don't worry. nobody's blushing)


Hi. My names Ashley and well, I {really} enjoy being a girl.
The weather here in Arizona is one that calls for nudity, but since that would leave more than me blushing, we continue to cloth ourselves daily.
For me, skirts are my pathway to sanity during these hot summer months and I was so happy when Modcloth offered me this ubberly girly swing skirt that was perfect for spinner, twirling, and strolling around outside, offering me equal parts freedom and girlyness.
The Breakdown:
Fedora: H&M $7
Feather Earrings: Forever21 $4
Batwing Blouse: c/o WholeSaleDress.net
Dreamcatcher Necklace: Gift from Marcus
Leather Belt: J.Crew Sale $19
Black Skirt: c/o Modcloth
Rainbow Huaraches: Target $19ish

p.s. did you see the new tab? now my tutorials are all in one place. you should suggest a few more and i'll try and get them posted for you.


Ashley said...

I love you in green & the skirt is absolute perfection. There are few things I love more than an A-line skirt. ;)

Natasha St John said...

I have a skirt just like that, I love it!! You're so pretty!

Kenzie said...

 That outfit is so cute! I love that skirt and it suits you so well. 

Celeste said...

 O H&M...gosh i love that place! I'm SO excited their coming to UTAH!!! they'll be here this fall, which means i need to start saving up....cuz honey, there WILL be a flaming, burning hole in my pocket...gosh golly i cant wait! 

AlphabetSoup Style

Conny Ramirez said...

 Perfect Outfit! You look just absolutely beautiful! Sorry about the Arizona weather! I think Houston might start to get unbelievably hot very soon! I am so not looking forward to it! :P

Hailey said...

You should do a tutorial on what products you use to make your hair so shiny! :) haha.

Lauren Woodfield said...

 skirts are definitely my key to survival living in southern california. 

Chelseabird said...

 You look darling! I LOVE your skirt, and the color of that top is wonderful! 

Rach Gent said...

Hey! I absolutely LOVE your blog! I am having a page dedicated to the blogs that I love and I would love to feature you, come check my most recent blog out and let me know if your interested! have a great day! :)

Monica said...

This skirt is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen.  Well, maybe second after your hair.

Ask the Duplex

Tessawilkes said...

There nothing i love more than a full skirt! love. love. love.


Rosie posy said...

 such a lovely outfit <3 you're beautiful! x

Garnishwiththebizarre said...

 That is quite frankly one of the nicest put together outfits I've ever seen. It looks lovely on you.

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