Scenes from Last Week--A Glorious One, Indeed.


I knew the day would be a good one when the postman greeted me with this:
Not only one of my favorite books of all time, but a pop-up version no less!
A grad gift from one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS in all the world, Jenny!
After calming down from the gift excitement, Marcus and I hoped in the car to explore our state capital, Phoenix!
We stopped in at Book Gallery to ooo and awww over the beauty and aroma that old books provide, but were slightly disappointed as they did not have a hard cover of a Brave New World...perhaps I'll check the Mesa location (a location a personally prefer)
After a scrumptious meal at Bertha's we headed to The Streets for a hit of our latest addiction:
Coconut Milk Smoothie with Boba.
The Streets is a Japanese Drink Bar that keeps us coming back for more and more!
Please go. Thank me later.
On our way home we had our windows down to fully take in the wondrous and unusual May weather we were having, when sweet Arizona threw us another surprise--Rain!
So we left the windows down and enjoyed the gentle splashes on our faces as we laughed and blasted the tunes. I sure do love my husband for going on adventures with me.
It was a day to make the other days jealous.


Ashley said...

I've never had a smoothie with Boba before. I need to search and see if we have it around here. 

In other news that Domo graffiti pretty much made my day. :)

Evi Figgat said...

Boba is SO good. Kinda jealous you got to have some, stinkin Rexburg doesn't have any yet!

Gentrilee said...

Love your scarf!! :D You arizonan bloggers sure make me want to visit. :)

jenni austria germany said...

awww you are so welcome!

oh wait.  wrong jenny/i.

Britney said...

this post made me want to go explore phoenix with my husband.

and...I'm pretty sure we had institute together like a year ago? brother wold? perhaps? i remember dying over your cute clothes. seriously.

kelsey williams said...

You are adorable. :)

Andrea Carpenter said...

Oh! The Little Prince! J'adore <3

Love your blog! Found you on Cardigan Empire and I'm your newest follower :)
~Andrea @

Autumn said...

I love The Little Prince, I have read it in French and in English.  However, I totally can't eat/drink boba haha :)

Jennifer Thomas said...

I am so glad you liked your present, I was a little nervous about it, since the only time we talked about the little prince was the day we first talked. I was thinking "maybe instead of "like" she said she hated the little prince". Haha Boba means silly girl in Portuguese. I would love to try a Silly smoothie. It looks delicious.

Karen said...

I loved The Little Prince. I remember getting it when I was little in Dutch (my native language) and then insisting with my mum that I NEEDED an original French copy when I was in high school even though French wasn't exactly my best subject... Haha. She was not impressed or persuaded.

EmilyWilcock said...

And aren't pop up books amazing nowadays? We've started a little collection for my baby but I know I enjoy them more. We even have a Chronicles of Narnia one. Awesome. I actually saw an alice in wonderland pop up in a bookstore on Main st in mesa a few months ago that reminded me of you. Not sure if it was the same store you're talking about.

speakingfromthesole said...

I just ordered the french version of the little prince (le petit prince)... I cant wait for it to come!

Aubrey Chevrier said...

I love that book! I had the fox part read at my wedding. 

kylee said...

i beg you to send some of that glorious warm arizona weather my way. utah needs to quit raining.

Natalie said...

Love a long drive -- don't do it much these days because of gas prices unfortch.

angela hardison said...

i love exploring. and bertha's (we do some design work for them and get yummy food in trade! the asparagus havarti panini is beyond delicious. and those cookies mmm)

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