If You See Me With My Uglyface On...

The other day my sister was busy with a hair client when it was time to pick up her little girl from pre-school, so she sent me an emergency text to go pick her up. 
I ran to my car and drove to the school assuming she would be waiting outside and no one would have to be graced by my unsightly appearance.

Alas, she was not. 
So, bashfully, I ran inside to grab her and quickly made my way back to the car. 
As I was buckling her in her carseat I heard the very words I most dreaded at this time...
It took me longer than it should have to turn around, as I tried to figure out a way to deny my name and presence, but I still hadn't unpacked my invisibility cloak, and I realized it was no use; I was caught. 

The rest of the ironic conversation went something like this, 
"Ashley, I just have to tell you, I read your blog all the time and you're just so cute all the time...
Hahahah, yes, me in my snarly high pony, oversized Beatles shirt, greasy unwashed, unmake-uped face, stinky breath, and barefeet, was talking to a blog reader as she told me of my omnipresent cuteness. 
Perhaps our encounter was a bit of a reality check for her...
Well, there you have it ladies, I am not alway ready, and when I am not, I can be quite ugly. 
Just goes to show you what a little eyelash curler, and a well put together outfit can do for a homely human.

So if you ever see me, and I look like I haven't showered in a few days, just know that I told you so.
Now, if only we could have run into a reader when Marcus and I were dumpster diving.
That would have really made my week...
(just so you don't worry about us, we needed a box for a little project, I promise we aren't starving or anything)
And on that note, you should watch this:

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  1. That. Is. Hilarious. And you're still adorable!

  2. HILARIOUS video! thanks for sharing

  3. You even make unmade you look cute...dang it! That video was hilarious but I nearly puked a little...

  4. bahaHA! i love me some Portlandia :) and dumpster diving is one of my favorite clips. thanks for the laugh

    PS - yay for being super aunt! :)

  5. oh that is the worst!! too often i go out not looking my best and happen to run into people i know. INSTANT embarrassment. =) loooooove the blog.

  6. I <3 Portlandia. My favorite is the "Put a Bird on it" short, but they're all so good!

  7. I don't believe you!! Even that make-up-less face is pretty. But, BUT if I EVER run in to you at Target I pray that you are make-up-less cause I usually am.

  8. haha! I am exactly the same, it's always the case, always someone there to see you at your worst, haha!!!!!!

  9. All I have to say is that it happens to the best of us. Also, that video was disgusting! haha please tell me it is not real? Like some sort of spoof or something. I dies.

  10. too funny! i love the video too!(:

  11. Natural face doesn't mean uglyface. I say that, but I still think the same thing when I go out and I am not ;)

  12. Well, I think you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. I love that show. Funny thing is some old friends of ours went dumpster diving for produce. They even offered me a peach (and it was actually perfectly ripe). She was my hypnobirthing coach and he was an herbalist who made us the BEST diaper rash cream out of plants. Fitting right? But then they moved away to live on a self-sustaining farm. Goodness I miss them!

    And you still look great with no make up. You really don't need to worry.

  14. Haha! I was at a concert the other day and had someone ask if I was the blogger of the "A Squared" blog.. and I realized I was wearing the exact same thing as I am in my profile picture... I felt so dorky! I didn't expect that, especially with not very many followers ha! Goes to show you never know who's reading your blog and when they might show up!



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