Look for Adventures Where'er You Are.


Yesterday was lovely. 
The forecast called for rain all week, and yet the last few days have been sunny and bright. 
We took a trip to 'the big city' of Idaho Falls (not a big city-FYI) to get some maintenance done on the car before we head back to the Arizona. 
Which meant we were stuck in the old downtown of IF, for an hour, without a car. 

But the sun was shining and I was ready for a little adventure, so hand in hand, we started exploring this run down boulevard.

It was so full of character, I was practically squealing the whole time. 
We didn't have our good camera, but, once again, the iphone cam did not disappoint...
Can you tell I'm in love with texture?
Est: 1964
So classic.
Did you know I want Pink Flamingos in my yard one day? 
Is that white trash? Don't care.
Is that wall not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? 
Oh my, I wish some of my photography clients lived in Idaho! 
This town was too good.
After our adventure of the street was over, we headed back to Big O and met some truly charming German Shepherds, who seemed quite fond of me. 
They were cuties. 
As Marcus filled out paper work, I kept myself (and those on my 'favorites' phone list) entertained with this gem I found in a waiting room magazine:

How was your day?


Shelly Hacker said...

GREAT pics, and i love your outfit! may i ask where the cardi is from?

Autie Duran said...

Fantastic pictures! I sure didn't know iPhones had that great of cameras. Loved this post!

jenni austria germany said...

i almost fainted when i saw those high-waisted skinnies.
also, do you get cuter every day? i'm just curious. / a liiiitle jealous.
and yeah, it's super white trash but i daresay you might be able to pull that one off.

Laura Eve said...

oh my goodness, i'm so impressed with the quality of those photos, from a phone! I need me an iphone. I'm dying over that "cornify" photo. Too great.


aubreyaleah said...

lol love the cat. It looks like you made what could have been a boring day into and exciting one. I need to be more like you. xoxoxo

amber, this is the life said...

hahaha looks like a fun day! great photo locations :)

Kirs925 said...

Ashley, can I just say I love your "sunny" spirit & style:):) What a great post:) And we have plenty of pink flamingos in Florida,if you ever do get this way I will make sure you go home with plenty of your own:):)
Momma K:):)

Katelyn said...

I am in love with your shoes!
What a great location for shooting pictures. Don't you just love iPhones? :) Looks like a lot of fun!
Oh and the cat is hilarious!


Cody Garrison said...

I love the white trash question. I don't know why but seriously made me crack up.

Candice said...

Did you know that you are related to Scotty, of your Scotty's?

Gentrilee said...

hahahaha! That cat is awesome. :) THose photos are amazing! Seriously I would have never known they were from your Iphone unless you had told us! Someone told me "the best camera is the one in your hand" and it's true. It's just knowing what and how to capture the moment. :)

Gentrilee said...

OH! And are those the BP oxfords with the ribbon instead of laces?! I've had my eye on them FOREVER! (if that's them) How do you like them????

Sarah said...

ha ha I love it. Gosh I'd rather be in front of a rusted old wall than on top of a mountain when it comes to pictures. I love the character that texture can give a picture. As for your adventure, the exact same thing happened to me and matt and we ended up walking way farther then we thought, not getting back to the auto shop in time and then having to walk home. That was the day I knew what it was like to be a pioneer....or not.

Shellsea said...

Hiya, I am a new follower. I just found your blog today. Love the photos. Can't wait to read more.

shellseaoberski.blogspot.com - Giveaway today :)

angela hardison said...

those old neon signs are really cool. and yes, that wall is a winner!

Bnpdavis said...

Wow! I probably never would have guessed those were taken on a phone camera! Well done, iPhone! You're right about that place. So awesome! I don't think pink flamingos are white trash. My dad recently turned 50 and we filled the front yard with 50 pink flamingos. Yup.

bclewis2 said...

ashley, you are so cute! i love that you made the horse into a unicorn. :)

kitsune-kun said...

This looks so fun! I love exploring old towns. love the buttons on your high waisted trousers. super cute.

amy cragun said...

What cute pictures! This definitely made me look at Idaho Falls a little differently.. :)

Alexis Kaye said...

WOW. that looks like the cutest little town ever. I've never been temped to vacation in Idaho until now. And I cannot even believe how amazing in iphone camera is! The photos look great!

Jessica Bruner said...

I love your high waisted jeans. The building in that town are awesome! They are so rustic. That's a great place to be stuck without a car for an hour.

Briannnadupuy said...

Love the pics. I sent you an email askimg for fashion advice.. hope you got it. I know you are buay, but if you can please reply. Thanks ;)

Laura said...

Those photos are amazing!

Born To Be Styled

Alex said...

Ashley this is definitely one of my favorite looks of yours!


Ashleychip said...

WHERE did you get those awesome oxfords from??!!! Fantastic!!!

Celeste Godfrey said...

1. You visited my hometown, and I am eternally jealous that you got to go to Scottys. BEST. EVER.
2. The kitty picture is on the bathroom door of my friends next-door. It's "Their kitty", Bandit. Oh boy.
3. Tu es tres belle.

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