Do Some Good.


Everybody loves a good cause, right? 
Well here's your chance to help some lovely ladies and get something cute in return.

Sweet Pea Benefit Boutique is run like an auction and has some really darling items to choose from. 
The money raised from the auction will be donated to these ladies who are struggling with the burden of infertility.

Here are some of the lovelies I have my eye on:
Emersonmade shirt and flower!
bid here.
retro inspired toddler dresses!
bid here.

The Boutique closes TOMORROW at Midnight, so make sure you head over quick and get your bid in!
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Callie White said...

This is awesome- what a great way to get new clothes but help a great cause! Thanks so much for sharing!!

MN said...

what a great cause!! i'm definitely going to stock up on gifts, thank you!!

Jennie said...

Can I just say that I saw you at Sammy's with your husband last week and I wanted to say hi, but actually I was really scared? Well, I did. Haha.

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