{Wardrobe} Wednesday: Kate Spade

Do you ever have one of those days when you're 16 hours away from your closet in a city that should have an ample supply of beautiful clothes for purchasing and you have an important event that you really want to look nice for, but you shop and you shop and your little heart finds nothing it yearns for?
Well last week I was having one of those days.
Luckily, I happen to have the kindest, 
most fashionable cousin in the whole-wide-world who just happens to reside right up the road in Mesatown.
I sent out a fashion emergency alert and Natalie came to my rescue! 
I had a skirt to wear already, but when she offered me Kate Spade, I was well aware that this may be my only chance in life to wear such a label and you best be believin' I jumped on the opportunity.

 Also, my hair...
Doesn't it look glam? 
I surely must throw a shout-out to my fantabulously talented sister Leisel who fixed the mess I had made of my hair while away in Idaho. Finally I don't have ghastly yellow locks.
I felt like a dream that day, 
thanks to the beautiful ladies I have in my life.
The Breakdown:
Silk Top: J.Crew $borrowed
Striped Skirt: Kate Spade $borrowed
Gold Necklace: J.Crew $borrowed
Gold Earrings: $borrowed
Bracelets: Forever21 $6
Seychelles Heels: DSW $60
Nail Polish: Essie 'Foot Loose' $4

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  1. i saw your pics over at lauren's - and thought you looked glamorous indeed! i love all of it!!!

  2. i love the skirt, and with the red heels it's perfect! hooray for having wonderful friends!

  3. I am jealous of your dress up experience! I love this striped skirt like crazy!

    matters of merrymaking

  4. The outfit is beautiful! I saw the skirt and fell in love... now I'm a little sad that I will never be able to afford it. You my dear have one generous cousin.

  5. those shoes are heaven and this outfit is perfection! lovely!!

  6. Oh, so gorgeous. Yeah, I would pretty much freak to wear anything designer too... I guess it is our version of a guy meeting his favorite athlete?

  7. Girl, you look like a dream! Loving that skirt and the color combo :)

  8. eeeek! fabulous outfit, seriously love the whole thing. you look amazing :)

  9. Very stunning my lady!! You could have all the designer clothes in the world, but it's how you wear them, and put them together, and you my dear showed us perfection. Your hair looks so lush, and glamorous. Thankyou for the sweet shout-out. I'm here for you babe anytime...

  10. lovely outfit. it's goo to have such good friends around!!!
    I'm in love with those shoes!

  11. love this whole outfit. Especially the skirt! You've got great connections. And what I would give for my hair to look even close to that! ya look stellar!


  12. I love the outfit! Your cousin has great taste :)

  13. This outfit is amazing! So beautiful! Could your cousin become my personal shopper? Or you could do it too if you want. Please and thank you!

    North Meets South

  14. Knew it! I couldn't forget that skirt. Natalie wore it to Roman & Shaley's sealing and I died it was so beautiful! You do look like a dream!

  15. oh my goodness. My dream shoes for my wedding are Kate spade. With beautiful white little bows at the end. Could anything get better? doubt it. Unfortunately they're $325 which is about $300 away from my budget!


  16. just looked them up! they really are beautiful, but i bet you can find some just as lovely for a WAY better price!
    girlfriend, why haven't you got a Disqus account yet? then you can have a profile picture! do it

  17. oh my, wouldn't that be fun! dream job, much?

  18. Gorgeous. Can't you keep the clothes??

  19. luh-huv this! colors are fab and looks so great with the stripes

  20. i love that skirt. and i've been enjoying your affair with ms. spade.

  21. oh I absolutely LOVE your outfit of choice. you are gorgeous Ashley!

  22. Definitely in love with the outfit!
    Im so excited that you are not wearing pants
    Thanks for the Inspiration!

  23. that is seriously what i would call 'livin the dream' :) yay kate!

  24. you have one good eye, but truly, how could you forget such a gem?

  25. Everytime I walk by that store I literally diiiiiiiiiiie of happiness. <3


    p.s. I hope I can dress like you when I'm older, you wear such cute stuff.

  26. literateandstylishApril 3, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    LOVE this skirt!!


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