{Tunes} on Tuesday


Today I am in the library. 
I opened my e-mail to find out that I completely spaced an Advanced Marriage and Family Exam that was due this weekend.
 If you didn't already realize this, 
that is very bad for my grade. 

My big brother once told me that while he was dating his now-wife he got the worst grades of his life; once he married her, his fate changed and straight A's filled his report card.

I was wondering why this was not the case for me. 
I used to be a straight A student,
 for 3 years I saw nothing but A+, A- and just plain old A on my grade sheet. 
Then, my last year of college, I got married.
 Now I am getting...well not A's. 

I blame it on the extra laundry. 
Or perhaps the fact that playing house is way more interesting to me than 
Technology and Society or Women and Health
Sorry, ASU, but it is.

So, while I mourn the downward spiral of my GPA and intend to pay closer attention to future "Due Dates"
I am comforted in knowing that I am learning. A lot. 
...maybe they're just not the things ASU thinks are important. 

So, here is a song I like to listen to. 
It gets my mind off my forgotten test.
If I Give You A Dollar Will You Get Something To Eat, 
My Skinny Friend?

Do You Think {Tunes} on Tuesday 
is a Good Idea?

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Anonymous said...

ha. i did this this past week. i completely spaced on a timed writing due. only i'm not married, so i have no excuse.

i like this idea. and i especially love the birdcages in the music video.

Allison said...

I love Lisa Mitchell! The first time I saw this video (which was my intro to her) I have to admit I was a little creeped out. Then I went back after a few weeks, watched it again and then LOVED IT! I also love her "Incomplete Lullaby"- so good!

ashley said...

keep the tunes for tuesday idea. lately i've been craving new music and lisa mitchell is right up my alley.

emmakaren said...

love tunes on tuesday and love that Lisa Mitchell song.:)

mrsmonje said...

Well I sometimes space on things alot actually that was until I got an amazing calendar to write everything down lol! Good luck ;)

S said...

I think tunes on Tuesday is an excellent idea!

Emily said...

Tunes on Tuesday...great idea.

I'm sorry, I blame my forgetfulness on having a baby but I don't remember meeting you, boo...However, I will share how I do know who you are, hahaha, as creepy as that sounds (because of FB and blogs, I feel like I know you). First, I knew Marcus from school/church and noticed the pictures of you two on Facebook and found them to bring back such happy memories of me and my husband dating. Then I had to show him and he said, "I know her. She's friends with Jared Corder and she's been to NCT a few times." Small world it is in Mesa, AZ. Anyway, I follow Liz's blog and as soon as she said you had a blog I was in!

I'm glad you remembered me. And if you're back in AZ you may stop by my MIL's place anytime. She's a hoot.

kylee said...

in love with lisa mitchell. coin laundry is one of my favorite songs of hers.

elise said...

I'm super happy that you posted this today. I'm not married, so I sure can't blame my grades on that, but I've been super overwhelmed with my institute calling, trying to have somewhat of a social life and fit a date into my busy schedule, and making it to all my church meetings. School has been pushed to the back burner a couple times this semester. But, I like your comment about learning. That's what's important, right?

So thanks. And yes, I like the Tunes on Tuesday idea.

Jenna said...

Long-time Lurker, de-lurking with this comment :)

I too was a straight A student until I got engaged my last year of Grad School.
Remember, grades are temporary. Marriage is forever. Invest your time in what's most important. (But I did find that sticky-notes around the house with due-dates/assignments/written on them helped me to remember things)

Johanna said...

What are you studying or majoring in or what it's called?
I understand that the grades go down. It's about priorities. And family go first, right?

Tunes on Tuesdays sounds great! I love music suggestions.

Noni said...

Maybe your teacher would give you some points for the GREAT practicum you are completing! Love your blog!

Candice said...

Hey, cousin, I just found your blog. I love the tunes on Tuesday idea. I have never chosen a day for a topic, and I think that your topic is very cool.

ashley in wonderland said...

Emily- I do not blame you for not remembering! ha, but i love hearing the story of how you DO know me. Not creepy, just fun! So did you go to school with Marcus? I guess I could just ask him...
Noni- HA! that's a good one, I should have used that idea when I emailed her begging for mercy (of which she showed me none...)
elise- I'm glad this venting post made sense to someone :)
jenna- i love it when "lurkers" come out of the closet and comment :) Marriage is most important! and i will get myself some post-its!

Glad everyone likes the {tunes} on tuesday idea and feel free to email me suggestions. i just love creative lyrics, songs i can sing along to, or one's that i can relate to my life...so my picks may be slightly random, but that's just the way i am.

ashley in wonderland said...

oh and Johanna! check out my formspring (it's right under my picture on the right column) i talk about my major there :)

Anonymous said...

Tunes can't ever be bad.

Reachel Bagley, Stylist said...

My grades definitely struggled following the full time addition of Andrew to my life. Having a wife and help-meet is much different than being a wife and help-meet. Good luck!

jumpseat monalisa said...

i totally laughed out loud at your comment under the video. homegirl needs a sandwich like nobody's business. you shoud buy yourself a pretty planner to put due dates in! because then, even if you still miss the due dates, at least you have a beautiful little planner. silver lining.

ashley in wonderland said...

reachel-you make a good point, and as long as hubbies realize that point, i am ok with that.
jumpseat monalisa-you're fantastic and i like the way you think.

Corey and Bridgette said...

I also agree with Rachel. I was told that school would be easier post wedding. LIES. Keep Tunes Tuesday! This song is so cute, and I want to copy her make up!

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