So, We're Dorks.


Scene: It’s 7AM. Overcast. The rays of the sun cannot penetrate the heavy clouds of grey. Camera pans to a young couple standing by the sink in their underwear with hair that tells of a recent roll out of bed. Both mouths have a fair ring of toothpaste about them. They haven’t yet spoken to one another. 

[Queue Marcus to break the morning silence.]

Marcus: Look at us with our Sonicares.

[Ashley smiles a luxurious, but pasty smile.]

Ashley: I know, we’re so rich.

[Marcus lifts his nose in a haughty fashion.]

Marcus: We hate to bore our hands and arms with movement.

Ashley: Oh yes, the monotony.

[They both throw their heads back in affluent laughter. The very kind that makes others feel inferior.]

And… cut.

Sometimes this is how we trick ourselves into believing we’re not broke. Although, I certainly hope we would never actually act like this were we not.

Yeah, I know--we’re dorks.


Lauren said...

I get a personalized license plate to make myself feel better about the fact that my windows won't roll up, and that 2 of my hubcaps got stolen. Me=ghetto.

Erin said...

this is an awesome post. i do things like this all the time with my husband.

ash said...

lauren i love you!

Allison said...

Haha, I love this! My favorite lines:

Marcus: We hate to bore our hands and arms with movement.
Ashley: Oh yes, the monotony.

SO funny.

teaandbiscuits said...

Haha Lauren that's awesome! I ride my bike whilst all my friends drive their own car, with my head held high, laughing whilst I pass them all whilst they're stuck in traffic!! xxxx

ash said...

Allison, I did the bow-bun hairdo last night--love it!

Oh teaandbiscuits, not only are you not stuck in traffic, but i bet you have a stronger heart and better legs than the "auto-privileged" people of the world!

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