the things we find in draft.


hello ladies! i just found this post i wrote in my 'draft folder' but i guess it never posted here on the blog. 
(since the dress is now in shop my closet i decided i'd post it.)
In Idaho, I used to live right next to a lumber yard.
Everyday, going in and out of town, I was thrilled by it.
I loved the textures, the lines, the colors, and the shapes each log provided; and I especially loved the masterpiece they created together. 
Aren't the beautiful in all their imperfect glory?
I find myself being turned off by perfection--I prefer interest.
After dreaming about it for months, I finally got up the courage to ask if I could take pictures in their workyard, and wouldn't you know it--they said yes!
The lighting wasn't ideal, but it also wasn't raining or snowing, so we took what we could get.
I'm so happy we worked this shoot in on one of our very last days in Rexburg.
The Breakdown:
Maroon Dress: Vintage
Leopard Belt: Forever21 $3
Trouser socks: Macy's $2
Leather Heels: Rocket Dog $60ish


Sarah said...

That dress is incredible. Great background too :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

you look amazing. love this dress and the whole outfit.
and seriously such a gorgeous area!

Irene Navajas said...

the heels, how beautiful they are!

Layne said...

Beautiful photographs and your outfit is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

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