Me, you ask?
Well let’s start at the very  beginning--a very good place to start.
I was born in Mesa, Arizona. 
Youngest daughter of Errol & Elaine Bagley.
Baby sister to 5 strong brothers and 2 beautiful sisters.
I adored my public education and I’m pretty sure my public education adored me.
Edison Elementary, Franklin West Elementary, Carson Junior High, Westwood High School, Mesa Community College, and Arizona State University.
I had the most fantastic teachers who let me dream and grow.

Even better than my educators were the friends I made--an eclectic array.
But 6 in particular.
I've long since held on the fact that I am the luckiest girl in the world. I might be the happiest too.
I love travel.
I love photography.
I love fashion.
I love unicorns.
I love vintage.
I’m an anachronism.
I met Marcus at a carnival.
He also loves travel.
He also loves photography.
He also loves fashion.
He loves Germany.
He loves technology.
He’s not an anachronism.

And it was most definitely NOT love at first meet.
A year went by and, through a rare chain of events, we met again.
This time with more interest.
We dated. We liked each other. We held hands. We kissed. 
We ate A LOT of my famous waffles.
He told me he loved me.
I wondered if he really just loved my waffles.
But, still, I told him, I thought I loved him too.

He had to go back to school in Idaho.
I had to stay in school in Arizona.
We didn’t really love that.
He was gone for 2 weeks. 
I was running on the Westwood track.
He called me. 
I answered.
He said he needed me to come visit him. 
Like now.
I called my mom.
She gave me a Rapid Rewards Pass.
The next day around 4PM I was in his arms.

After playing in Rexburg for 8 days, I rearranged my ASU schedule to do online school.
I called my mom and told her I was moving to Idaho.
She asked me about my schooling. 
I told her I had taken care of it.
She said okay.
She knew she could trust me.
I went back to AZ to pack.
Two weeks later I was living in my uncle’s basement.
I was freezing, but I was in love.
Marcus and I continued to date.
We tried to decide if we should get married.
Eventually we decided we should.
I waited for him to propose.
He took longer than I thought he would.
But when he did, I was very surprised. 
It was perfect.
Like rainbows and otters perfect.

We planned our wedding. 
I didn’t want to get married in AZ in July.
I’m temperature sensitive and I hate melting.
That’s what happens to people in Arizona in July.
They melt.
I decided I wanted to get married in the San Diego Temple.
Marcus liked the idea.
We had a small family wedding.
It was perfect.

Did I mention our wedding was perfect?
Because it was.
Marcus took me on a surprise honeymoon to Hawaii.
It was perfect.

Did I mention our honeymoon was perfect?
Because it was.
Then we moved in Rexburg.
Rexburg was not perfect.
But we still loved each other.
A lot.
Marcus graduated from BYU-Idaho with his Nursing Degree in April 2011.
I graduated from ASU with my Bachelors Degree in Family & Human Development in May 2011.

But I like to consider myself a Jane-Of-All-Trades-Master-Of-One.

I filled my schedule 
(sometimes 21-credits/semester) with anything that tickled my fancy:
Film Photography
Theater Acting
Acting for TV/Film
Digital Photography
The Art of Irish Story Telling
Latin Dance
Musical Theater Dance
Argentine Tango
Ballroom Dance
World Religions
Anatomy and Physiology
Creative Writing
Not to mention all the great classes for my major!

I loved MCC and ASU.

I especially loved that my schooling was free.
I strongly recommend getting a scholarship.
I do not, however, strongly recommend online school.
So much less fun.

this is our pup, poppy reh little deer. 
she's named after my favorite flower.
we know it's crazy how obsessed we are with her, but we can't help ourselves.

I’m excited for our new life together.

I hope we move to California or Hawaii.

My heart loves those place.
She tells me to move to one of them on the regular.
I want to listen to her.
Marcus does too.
I made my blog public in September 2010.
I think it’s so fun that people like it.
Thanks for being my world-wide web buddy.
Now go hug a baby.


dani said...

Another comment from me. ;)

Have I ever read anything cuter than this? No, I'm pretty positive I have not.

This was cuter than rainbows, otters, unicorns, dwarf bunnies, Shetland ponies, and baby dinosaurs.

I hope you move to California. :)

Unknown said...

what a fantastic blog! I just found it today :)

I only started blogging last month myself and In December I was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams (who loves Germany too - he's German).

I think your blog is super sweet and awesome - I love your bright tights! It's the middle of summer here - I can't wait until it cools down enough for me to wear tights again!

My blog is here if you'd like to check it out too:

S said...

Sooo Cuuuuute!

I'm curious, what was your major?

Unknown said...

"rainbows and otters perfect" :)
I wish I could get BACK to Rexburg. And I'm in California. Lets switch.

Suzie said...

I just read your post over at Kristine or Polly and I gotta say I fell in love with your blog. You are so pretty! and this blog is so cute! You're def a new fave.

Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

You are an amazing writer! You make it so that we want to hang on every word! I love your and your husband's story. How long have you been married?

amy day to day

rosieposie said...

what a beautiful beautiful storY! xx

Vee said...

I just found your blog from a recommendation from my sister in law. You are so talented. I love reading what you have to say and I love your style. Keep it up!

SDiB said...

What a beautiful story - felt a tear welling up there.

Adorable. xx

Hannah Beth Browning said...

looooove this :) totally adorable!

Taylor D. said...

AHHHHH!!! I already loved you, but even more after reading this!! My husband and I got married in the San Diego Temple too! Isn't that just the most beautiful place in the world! And neither of us are from California, we just made a fun family trip out of it! A women after my own heart! I love your story (especially the awkward dating stage and waiting a year.) So cute how it all worked out!! Yay love!!

Becky said...

You two are cute.

Cara said...

I lovelove your blog! You have great photographs :) And I actually live in Hawaii, haha. Anyhoo, your style is extremely cute too!

Jess said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh...Rexburg is so not perfect. Flat. I love your blog! it is so much fun to read!

xoxo, Jess

Savannah said...

You are the MOST adorable. I'm surprised I haven't found you sooner!

rosie♥ said...

I love your writing style! It's so funny but adorable at the same time. I love that I've stumbled onto your blog!x

Lecinda Ward Photography said...

hi! I just found your blog and you are cuter than cute :)

Anonymous said...

i live in scottsdale :) also an ASU F&HD alum! would love to connect sometime!

fluroyellow said...

Hi Web buddy, I live in New Zealand Thanks for sharing. I will go hug my baby :)

Woody said...

This is sweet. You have got to love it.

Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl said...

Where in Arizona do you live? Are you still in Mesa??

XOXO -Kimberly-

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

yep still here!

Simple Luck Blog said...

Your blog is so inspirational - it's full of beautiful words and pictures!
And you seem to have a wonderful personality.
Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.

Candace Groberg

Unknown said...
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Branden & Aubri said...

So I just went creeping around on your page and read this cute thing!! AND totally random but we have mutual friends! I used to have a major crush on Adrian (haha) and I hung out with Peter a couple times (a long time ago!!) Anyway-- crazy seeing them in that picture with you!!

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