Natural Moisturizer Options for Dry Winter Face


Do you know how much i love having an online community of friends--a group of women from all over the country/world to reach out to for advice and to share things I've learned or am learning with? It's pretty darn amazing, really.

For a long time I've been dealing with really dry skin (on my face specifically). It manifests itself in flaky skin, lately around my hairline, but in the past, around my nose. Not only is it not good as far as wrinkles, to have ultra dry skin, but it also makes it hard to wear makeup without it accentuating the problem areas.

So I hoped on IG stories and asked all of you for non-toxic, preferable natural products and solutions you have had success with! I got so many great responses and a lot of other women saying they wanted to hear the suggestions themselves because it's something they're dealing with as well!

Since asking, I've added a few things to my routine. I'm currently using the Everything Oil by Crude for washing my face, which I like, but don't find it quite moisturizing enough on it's own. But someone said they love using the Crude Bloom oil, after they wash with the Crude Everything Oil. Maybe I'll give it a try.
I also started using Apricot Kernel Oil at night, it's much much less absorbent than the Argan oil I was using, which was dry before I finished applying it, which makes me feel like it's moisturizing better. It's a little much for under makeup, so for the morning I'm trying out the Julep Radiance Oil (available at Ulta 'til the end of the month).

So here, my friends, are all of the suggestions I received! Thanks so much for your help!

You can click on the images to shop the oils, and don't forget to the check out the rest of the list below.

*Someone made the wise suggestion of getting a sample of the Josie Maran Argan Oil at Sephora. I always forget that you can do that!

Several people mentioned that they love anything and everything by BeautyCounter
Here are some cute small facial oil businesses:

Here are some homemade oil combos that were suggested:

  • coconut oil+tea trea+vitamin E oil
  • 20 drops geranium, 20 drops elemi, 10 drops frankincense in a bottle of leven rose
  • frankincense + fractionated coconut oil
  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner
  • Eating a Tablespoon of coconut oil everyday, she said her favorites are Nutriva and Dr Bronners
  • my (*cough*least*) favorite suggestion--DRINK MORE WATER!


Rosita Wilson said...

I missed the original post (work is crazy), but can recommend rosehip oil. It's brilliant!

Noni said...

Love your blog!!! I have found eating coconut oil really helps dry skin...sometimes even eat 1 tablespoon twice a day when I notice my skin isn't keeping up with the climate...turns things around fast and I know I am providing something my body needs. Also love slathering it on after a shower...gets absorbed immediately and skin stays silky soft all day. You can also use olive oil for both of these, but coconut is my fav.

Hevynn Bolen said...

I love your blog!! I truly appreciate your perspective. My husband and I blog as well, mostly about how we mesh as the epitome of opposites attracting. My husband with his engineer mind, me with my artsy one. I would be honored if you would stop by and pay our website a visit! Thank you for sharing your goodness.


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