Strawberry Fields Forever//Carnation Day Two


I've been dreaming about strawberry picking for years. So as soon as we booked our flights I began my search to see if it was the right season--lucky us, most of the U-Pick Strawberry Farms opened the day before we arrived! It was fate, I tell you--My Berry God-Mother was watching over me.

After waking up and taking part in Lizzy's Traditional Sunday Morning Family Feast (she's a chef and host extraordinaire, we were so lucky!) we drove around in the rain and took in some of Woodinville's beautiful sites, where I saw my first Peony growing in the ground, like a real live flower, y'all! Then down through Snohomish to see the historical homes and out through the countryside of Fobes Hill, where we pulled over and had a nice chat with the cows. Simon did most of the talking and really charmed them with little flowers he so graciously insisted that they smell.

The strawberry fields of Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA were muddy from weekend rain, but the berries were deep red all the way through, unlike anything you ever find at the grocery store. They were oh so good and Simon, who usually refused to eat strawberries, would hardly let any of them make it into our crate. He was a true mess, but it was the very best mess. There are few things I enjoy more than fruit picking (and eating), and sharing that love with Simon makes it all the better.

The rain started coming down, so we grabbed a few more berries and paid our bill (cash only, FYI), and headed for the car, where we met a beautiful fawn, as you may have seen on my SnapChat (ashleyanielson), then hit the road to meet up with family for dinner and meet our new little nephew, just about a week old!

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