I'm mostly here for the cheese//Seattle Day One


Marcus text me Tuesday and told me he had Memorial Day off--with his schedule that meant a 4-day weekend. We had been talking about taking a trip for months, so we both hopped online and started searching flights for all our favorite destinations.
Orbit StrollerToddler Carseat + Pannier Baskets (such a handy system for traveling!), Fawn Design Bag in Stone Gray, The North Face Duffle
We both were dying to go back to Tennessee and look at some properties we had found on Zillow, but the last minute flights there were too high. We then thought it would be great to visit our friends in Texas, but there was flooding. We then remembered all the beautiful pictures Marcus' sister, Elizabeth, had been been posting of her home in Seattle, plus a brand new nephew to meet up there, we decided that was the place! So with a decent price flight and some travel credit, our flights were booked.

It was definitely the most last minute out of state travel decision we'd ever made, but it was exciting to be so spontaneous. As parents, sometimes it feels like you lose that freedom, but in that moment, we looked Parenthood in the eyes and showed 'em who's boss! I'm so grateful to have married someone who has a love for traveling as deep as my own (and to have family who is willing to take us all in!)

Simon did pretty well on the flight and we got in town just in time to stop by Pike Place Market to grab some Beecher's Mac 'n Cheese and of course a few samples of the Flagship Cheese (SOOOOOO GOOOD!) Plus we always have to stop in at Bavarian Meats for some real German chocolates.

It was misty and gloomy and perfectly "Seattle."

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Taylor Yves said...

So fun and spontaneous! Simon looking super cute like a big kid. xoxo hello_tyn

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