Ima Jean Overall.


I'm itchin' for a pair, but the few I've ever tried on looked weird on me. I'm tempted to splurge on one of the following...have you had any luck finding the perfect overall? Or you a hater of the trend? Go ahead and tell me, you won't hurt my country lovin' feelings. 
(*click on the images to shop the looks, if you're in the market)


Brit Ashcraft said...

I got a pair from old navy, they are super cheap so I felt like if I couldn't rock them it wouldn't kill me, BUT I love them! So fun and easy to wear. Not to mention perfect for a day at the park with my little one!

Essie Jean said...

I love how you just said that about your country-lovin heart in relation to overall... I'm a Texas country girl - grew up on land with animals of all kinds, and am equally at home on a 4-wheeler as in a car or on a bike, but I have always had a strong hatred for overalls. Give me jeans and boots and a button-up all day, but overalls are not at all my thing. I can't tell you how many times I've been envious of the way another girl can rock overalls, but I've just NEVER been able to feel comfortable in them.

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