When Life Gives You Lemon Oil, Make Natural Lemon Cleaner!


Super Easy, All Natural Lemon Cleaner! Takes 45 Seconds to Make!

Um, public service announcement: Lemon oil is the most amazing smelling thing on this planet and all humans should have it in their home and smell it often. In my effort to switch over to a non-toxic home, I whipped up this all-purpose cleaner that took about 45 seconds to make-- I've been cleaning mirrors, windows and countertops with it and I'm so happy to throw out the garbage I was using before! *You have to be careful not to use too much oil or else you will deal with streaks on glass/mirrors 

I used a 16 oz glass spray bottle bought on amazon (buy here), 2 Tablespoons of organic white vinegar, 6 drops of lemon essential oil (buy here), and filled the rest of the bottle with filtered water--shake it up before each use. That's it. Get cleanin'!

{My nail polish is also all natural from piggy paint here}


Elizabeth Downie said...

Does the oil leave streaks? (Also, is that how you spell streaks? - haha)

Miss Morgan said...

Have you ever tried Norwex clothes? I clean everything with water and a rag. They are a no chemical company as well. Check them out!

Emma said...

Such a good idea to use lemon oil!! And I LOVE the clean look of that spray bottle!

Bri Lamkin said...

I use meow meow tweet deodorant cream. They have a baking soda free one, it works great.

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