DIY Clean Deodorant


Bad news: sweating is our body's natural way of ridding toxins from our system, which means anti-perspirants aren't only full of potentially cancer causing chemicals, they're also trapping toxins inside of our bodies. Good news: I'm sharing this non-toxic deodorant recipe that's easy to whip up at home! 

  • 6T of coconut oil, 
  • 4 T arrowroot powder, 
  • 4 T baking soda, 
  • A couple drops of lemon essential oil, a few drops of bergamot oil and a few drops of tea tree oil (all have natural antibacterial properties), 
  • A short, wide mouth glass jar or tin. 

Mix the powders then add the coconut oil, then the essential oil. BAM! You're done. Mine smells like delicious coconut lemon dessert. 

Apparently when you make the switch to a homemade/natural deodorant, your body goes through a detox phase, where it basically is purging your pores of the gunk from anti-perspirants, so you're supposed to go at least a week before you judge whether your new deodorant is working (probably don't plan your armpit detox during the week of a big event or special date!). Good to know, right?

We tried this recipe during the Summer in Arizona, Marcus still uses it exclusively and loves it, I used and liked it when I was waxing my armpits, but found it to be irritating (baking soda) when I was shaving, since I have sensitive skin. Now that I'm not waxing, I switched to using this natural deodorant while I search for another recipe that doesn't use any or so much baking soda.


Jelly said...

Try using milk of magnesia with the essential oils and a little bit of arrowroot and a little bit of coconut oil if you like. It's less harsh than the baking soda and still works great. You just need to make sure that you get one that it's the only ingredient. I've been using this combo for a few weeks now and I used the one you just posted for years. Love them both. Hope that helps!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

@jelly totally gonna try that. Thank you!!

Pics-o-Andrea said...

I'm a fan of Schmidt's too! And good call on the "armpit detox". If I hadn't had a little head's up, I would've given up on natural deodorants for sure. I'll have to try this recipe sometime though, because it sounds so easy!

Bri Lamkin said...

I use meow meow tweet deodorant cream. They have a baking soda free one. It works great.

Rosie said...

Hi Ashley :)

Like you, I ran into problems with shaving. Blame the bicarb. We now make our own spray deodorant with witch hazel & essential oils. Works a treat, even in the humid Queensland summers. And it feels REALLY good on super-hot days if you keep it in the fridge/a chiller bag.

Alicia Snow said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for a more natural deodorant so I will have to give this a go.

girlygirl said...

I totally agree about the chemicals in regular deodorant. I have been using natural deorderant as well as Toms brand for years. My family members tell me I ALWAYS smell like BO and don't want to be around me. My mom told me I stink so bad from deoderants that don't work well. I am at a loss. The only deodorants that work for me are the ones that are bad for you. Does this one really work? I sweat and stink horribly and I am all for something natural that really works.

Cindy Anthony said...

Yes! I've been looking for a good deodorant free of a million chemicals I can't pronounce. I was going to buy a deodorant I saw on Shark Tank but it was way expensive! This is much better!

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