Nursing Friendly Tops


With Simon nursing less frequently these days, I have a little more flexibility on what I wear, but man oh man, that first year, access to the milkies rules the wardrobe! I found that trapeze style tops were my jam because I Simon refused to allow a blanket or any kind of cover over him (and frankly, I wasn't too keen on it either, because it's HOT!) but these style tops sort of acted as a cover so you could still be somewhat discrete. All the extra fabric just kind of billows on his cheek while he nurses and drops down quickly should he unlatch. It also hides that post baby belly for the few months it takes to go down. As for dresses--they pretty much have to have buttons or be wrap dresses or they're a no go. Anyways, this is another list I put together for my darling friend Alex, but thought I'd share with you all too!


Melody Pellegrin said...

Great choices! It's so true how much nursing dictates what you wear.

Beverly Houpt said...

I'm so glad to finally wear dresses without buttons to church again :)

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