Day Three//On the Road


Our second night in Nashville we stayed in another airBNB. The room was nothing special, although it was cozy and clean and the bed was insanely comfy, but the cool part was this sunroom that was super warm and toasty even though it was crisp outside. It definitely made me add this to my dream house features list! 

We had a delicious breakfast at The Red Bicycle on our way out of town and then made our way to Burgess Falls, which is about half way between Nashville and Knoxville. It was a stunning little hike along a gorgeous river with lots of mini-falls before you get to the big one at the end. The colors we amazing and all the people (most decked out in Tennessee Orange) were so friendly! It was a great way to break up the drive and get a little exercise. It was a simple hike, but we were very glad we had the ergobaby carrier to help us along! We also loved seeing the little towns you have to drive through to get to the trailhead. We couldn't help but imagine what it was like to live in each one. They all looked so charming!
A typical scene, every few miles in TN. It was so dreamy!
The exact moment we realized Simon was waving for the first time :) It was as awesome as Marcus' face, ha!
We don't get leaves quite like this in the desert

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