glimpse//a sunday afternoon


The boys and pup are napping on the bed and I'm wondering the house, not quite sure what to do with these rare moments of silent alone time. I should probably be cleaning up or cooking dinner. That would be the prudent thing to do with these cherished hands-free moments, but instead I will walk around admiring the quiet beauty of the house and my favorite sleeping creatures. Each one of them drive me crazy in their own endearing way, but oh how I love them. I'm still trying to figure out this new mom life. I assume that will forever continue--does anyone ever really figure it out? But mostly it is hard and good. I think it is very best when that fat little fairy is asleep, but am quickly reminded that isn't so, when I walk into the room and his happy eyes meet mine. He is all the better fresh from a nap.


Irene said...

he's such a cutie! I can't believe he's so big already...

Dearest Lou said...

There's nothing sweeter than watching your man and baby sleep, seriously can't help but take pictures whenever this happens in our home. During those quiet moments I find myself wasting time instead of being productive hehe.

Dearest Lou

Janssen said...

Fat little fairy is the best term I've ever read on a blog.

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