Non-Maternity Jeans, FTW!


Oh man, looking at these photos is making me laugh, I remember when I shot this video with Reachel, I thought I was getting prettttty big--HA! I'm looking at myself in jealousy, longing for the comfort of that barely stretched belly, I don't even thing I was using the rubber band trick at this point. (People, if you don't know the rubber band trick, please see pin here--it is the lifesaver of pregnancy).

And even though I am now utilizing above trick, I am still wearing these jeans (when I'm not in leggings, lounging around the house) and they are still 1,000,000 times more flattering AND comfortable than the one pair of maternity jeans I finally bought from Gap, which I never wear because they hurt my stomach and they give me a saggy butt.

So, heed the advice of the Empress, Reachel, you won't regret it.
maternity sweater//asos (buy here or non-maternity here)
metallica necklace//the modboho (buy here)
top jeans//AG (buy here)
middle jeans//Level99 (buy here)
black jeans//Paige Denim (buy here on sale)
loafers//forever21 (buy here)


Tiffany Lane said...

Seriously, can you be any cuter?! I love that maternity look, oh and the rubber band trick is a pregnancy life saver!

Holly Marie said...

Oh goodness, you make me miss being pregnant. You look effortlessly put together! Great post!

Miharu Julie said...

great outfit :)
would you like to follow each other?
I'll follow back after it

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