the 90s called and i answered.


currently loving:
short hair--it's reached a length i am really happy with--it's funny how long it took me to work up the courage to make the chop and once it was done, i never thought about it again--just loved it.
90s fashion--who knew i would whole-heartedly accept this strange era of style back into my life so openly, but i love it and i won't apologize for it. (ps--if you're a narrow shoulder suffer like i am, gap has this vest in petite! it made my dreams come true :))
red lipstick--i like to keep my makeup pretty clean and simple, but i have fun with the lip color, it's been hot pink for a while now, but this week I've been loving the red!
windy days--we've been having uncommonly breezy days this week and it really takes the edge off the rising temps, plus it sounds so lovely to leave the doors open and hear the wind rushing through the trees, i've been drinkin' it in!
pupusas--it's an el salvadoran food that just blows my mind with happiness. i hope you have a restaurant that serves them in your area. my favorites are the loroco and the bean and cheese. marcus loves the shrimp and cheese. this is the place we go to.
poppy's photobombing--always and forever. 
the smell of rosemary--we have two plants of it in our porch garden and i feel like i'm doing drugs when i smell it. it's quite heavenly.
performing all the parts to disney classics in the car--personal favorites are Belle (Little Town), and Poor Unfortunate Souls, i'm pretty amazing at it, I must say.
gardening--i planted some beets, carrots and squash in my parents backyard and i think about them constantly. All i want in life is to have my own farm with a giant garden and some animals and a good fitting pair of overalls. also to travel the world and some baby cheetahs, but mostly the garden thing...
What have you been loving lately?
oversized white tee//old (similar here)
circle charm necklace//gift (similar here)
starburst earrings//bluenile (here)
denim vest//gap (buy here 35% off today!)
burgundy purse//c.o. persun (here)
lipcolor//covergirl really red (buy here)
sandals//target old (similar here and here)


Gentri said...

It's so funny, because a few years ago I would have died at the thought of bringing a lot of the 90's trends back, but now I love it!! Also- I miss my short hair and seeing how cute it is on you does not help. Haha
Loving this outfit and post! So fun

Emily Baker said...

same same about the 90's!!!! i'm loving iced tea and being outside!!

Ashley said...

I am loving my short hair too( inspired by you)
I am loving the idea of a new adventure in my life.

Irene said...

I'm thinking of cutting my hair again (did it in October) before summer. I've been loving it but I want it short again and in a different style! I'll look into it after this week, because we're having the feria in Seville and I need longer hair for the flamenco do! :)

Kristen @ HI + LO said...

You're dog is so adorable. :) Mine photobombs all the time too!

Monic Sutter said...

these pics are amazing ! you look lovely !
Simply Sutter

Josephine Choo said...

i really love your hair length now..i'm still slightly shorter than yours and i can't wait for it to grow into the length like yours..

xo josephine

Bret Mortimer said...

you are rockin' that short hair. and the 90's vibe is always a good one.

brianadeckard said...

So cute Ashley! I found your blog via Emma from Style me pretty, and I'm glad I did. I look forward to seeing more of your outfit posts!


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