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Hey guys! I just got back from a day trip up to our cabin in the mountains with my mom. We left our computer there last weekend when we were up there with family watching this.

We woke up early and made some thrift store stops in Payson, grabbed the computer, then hit every single antique shop/thrift store in Pine. I got some pretty great gems. 

I love small town thrift stores. The prices are awesome and it seems like there's less competition for the good stuff ;)

It's been fun to get back into thrifting--i was pretty hardcore in jr high and high school (remember i even found my wedding dress for $3 at an estate sale?) and then i faded out for a while, but this month--it's becoming an obsession. 

My new traveling goal is going to be, that I always hit up at least one local thrift shop when in another town or state. Nothing like a one-of-a-kind souvenir, right?
What's the best thing you've ever scored at a thrift store/estate sale/antique shop?
<<what i wore>>
boater hat//free people (similar here and here)
statement necklace//c.o. persunmall(buy here)
on the mark necklace//stella & dot (buy here)
initial necklace//(similar here)
elephant muscle tank and striped pencil skirt//c.o. swell (skirt here)
time sawyer//arvowear (splurge here)
tooled leather purse//vintage (similar here)
clogs//american eagle (buy here --buy one get one 50% off right now)


Gentri said...

This outfit is so cute!! I love everything about it. And antique/ thrift shopping is my faaaavoriiite. I just moved from Utah to the east coast and I'm so excited to get out and thrift here. I'm hoping that they're as amazing as I expect them to be. Haha

Emily Baker said...

LOVE the outfit with those clogs! Go American Eagle! they've kinda been scorin' these days in my book, and I'm not a teenybopper A&E kinda gal. (I was back in the day of course.) And my favorite thrifted find is a beautiful lime green stool :)

Josephine Choo said...

wow,i love your mix and matching outfits!! i never thought of loose t-shirt can be so versatile matching with stripes.i love thrifting too but my place here have few shops only..

xo josephine

Night Chayde said...

Loving that skirt!!! Love how you styled it girly! Perfect!


Whitney Teeter said...

Going to auctions and antique/thrift stores is one of my favorites! My mom and I go all the time. One of my favorite recent scores is an old record player I got for super cheap. Whether or not it works is still up in the air. If not, it still looks good and will make a cool decorative piece. :)

amanda pineda said...

Dang it! I'm getting those clogs! AE has 40% off and FREE Shipping! right now! you look adorable as always!

Irene said...

I wish there were more thrift stores in my area! Not really a thing in Spain.

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