festival style


Not sure that I'll be going to any music festivals this summer, but that won't keep me from playing with the styles from it.

Speaking of music, what's the greatest concert you've ever been to? Isn't it the best when you're there and the artist is creating the music right in front of you and they actually sound good live? It's pretty magical and for it, it makes hearing the song later, forever different and special because you can remember the time, the artists were in front of you, playing that song live.

We've been to some pretty great shows, but Vampire Weekend and Bon Iver were definitely two highlights.

round mirror sunnies//c.o. oasap
gold fringe necklace//old navy (similar here and here)
green silk top//j.crew (buy here, save)
bracelets//threads & pb&j 
snake braclet//(buy similar here)
blue bells//c.o. shopindigenous 
clogs//american eagle (buy here)


RoselyC said...

Great outfit. Love the sunnies and your top.

Ronelle Cannon said...

Joshua Radin. Amazing! Great outfit.

Nati said...

Really awesome pants! Just FYI, I can't seem to find them because your link goes to J Crew's website for the green top instead!


Anne Hill said...

those pants are rad!!

Beverly Houpt said...

My favorite concert was The Shins. Sooooo great! He has an awesome voice. And it was neat because there were a lot of old people there, dancing.

Kaolee said...

Those pants are awesome!

Lexi said...

Vampire Weekend was by FAR the best show I've ever been to! They are amazing live, I'd almost argue that they are better live than on audio. Not to mention, the audience energy was totally stellar, and the audience really makes all the difference. :)

Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Those pants are amazing!

My favorite show ever was probably Circa Survive and Anberlin touring together in 2011. I couldn't have been more excited to see two of my favorite bands sharing the stage!

Teresa said...

The best concert I've ever been to was Paul McCartney. HE WAS AMAZING. There were no opening acts; he came right on and sang for three straight hours, never pausing to take a break or even a drink of water. And he still sounds amazing live!

Sarah44 said...

You are cuttttte! Love the hippie style! My fave concert was Paramore!

Emma said...

you legitimately might be the coolest person on the internet right now. work it.

I think my favorite concert might have been the Civil Wars. It was the first time i had ever even heard of them and my friend got us into their concert for free (it was right before they hit it too big) anyway the dynamic between joy and John Paul almost put you in a trance it was so lovely. I'm forever theirs.

Kitsune-kun said...

such pretty flowers!

Julie Williams said...

These pants are the best!

My favorite concert so far has been The Killers. They are amazing live. I sang my heart out and I can't wait to see them again.

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