{tunes} on tuesday featuring: Sleeping at last


I was born in the late 80s and thus was a child of the 90s and this song (the original version) was one of my very favorites as a little girl. I remember I would get so excited when it came on the radio, then one day one of my big brothers (who was a very cool teenager at the time) came home and swooped me up and took me downstairs into "the boy's basement" and said he had something exciting to show me.
When we got down there he pulled a still plastic wrapped CD from a little black bag. Once it was unwrapped he popped the CD into our new CD/Cassette player and the first song on the album was 500 Miles--my favorite. He told me that I could now listen to it whenever I wanted. I was so ecstatic--both because I now had access to favorite song and because I felt really good that my big brother knew me enough to know exactly the thing that would make me feel special and important. I feel like I learned how to be treated by men because of my brothers.
Where did you learn how to be treated?

p.s. obviously this is a modern cover I recently discovered, but it still brought back the memories.

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Rebekah said...

This song is the best! It was my favorite growing up as well! I remember head banging to it in our 15 passenger van. haha thanks for the reminder!

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