i'll wear white after labor day if i feel like it.


I fried my hair last week by putting blonde back in the ends--i don't know that i'll ever go back to blonde. I'm thinkin' it's time to chop the locks and dye it back to red. I've been pinning ideas, but if anyone's seen any really great haircuts, put the links in the comments. i have a pretty heart shaped face, so i don't know if short hair will exaggerate that or minimize it, i haven't had short hair since 3rd grade when i got my waist-length hair cut to my chin. 

when i got home i went up to my dad and kept tucking my hair behind my ears as i asked, "notice anything different?????" he looked out me for a minute before he answered...."did you get your ears pierced?"

ya, he wasn't the most observant of fathers, but he's grown a lot since then and we love him :)
Do anything fun for Labor Day?
We went to my cabin and enjoyed some glorious mountain weather!
<<what i wore>>
sunnies//oasap (buy here on sale for $17)
faux leather sleeved tee//kohls (buy similar here or here)
turquoise necklace//forever21 (buy it here $10!)
starburst gold stud earrings//c.o. blue nile (buy here (another adorable pair here))
fringe bag//style lately (buy similar here)
striped watch//(buy similar here)
white skinnies//gap (buy here on sale $22)
fight fire with fire seychelles snake skin wedges//c.o. pb&j boutique (buy them right here!)
(aren't they the awesomest thing you've ever seen? i can't stop wearing them along with my new earrings! Yay for new Fall favorites!)


Jessica Holly said...

I'm obsessed with those shoes. and as ever I'm a proponent of the pixie cut! You'd totally rock it! I'll tag you in one of my pins on pinterest!

Lela Boyd said...

Dude. Ombre red to blond! That's genius. I say keep it and just clean up the ends :)

Miss Morgan said...

This is my latest hair obsession. You could totally rock this.


Miss Morgan said...

I was talking about the cut not the color. You should go red again! Loved your red locks!

Kelsey Eaton said...

I just cut my hair short for the first time ever and it feels so great! No more dealing with tangled hair and fried ends. Hallelujah.

Irene said...

i can't wait to get my hair short short short! but I think I'll wait until my friends' wedding, though you're totally right about the face shape! you should check on a website/app where you put your pic and try new haircuts??

K&R said...

i love your hair.
so i wish i could go short, but my face is just too round.
not too sure what to do with my hair right now, girl problems.
anyways, a short hair cut that i love is carrie mulligans. seriously shes so stinkin cute.


Andrea said...

Haha oh that story about your dad is hilarious. That's totally my dad too. But if you think about it, it's kind of a compliment when someone doesn't notice a drastic change in your looks -it shows that it looks natural on you. Right? And I say go for it with the short hair:)

Kara said...

Everything about this outfit is perfection!!!! I love your hair :)

Sarah44 said...

I love your hair!!! I am so torn about what to do with my hair. I always want to change it, then when I get serious about it I freak out.

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