hit the road.


it happens every year.
i anxiously await the arizona springtime.
it comes--and it's glorious...and then i blink.
summer hits--suddenly and full-force and i hate the place i live.
i hate it.
i find myself in an all-together bad mood, makeup-less and sprawled out on the couch feeling sorry for myself, wondering why i don't live in california by the beach.
every year.
and then before i snap--i hop in the car (and invite marcus to join me) and i drive.
i drive to somewhere that is green and beautiful.
sometimes it's california.
sometimes it's utah.
this time it was just two hours up the road--prescott.
and it was perfect.

we took a day trip to cooler weather, we walked through a summer rainstorm and i nearly wept for the beautiful coolness in the air, the memorial for the firefighters who gave their lives to protect the people made my heart break and swell with pride at the same time.

i was happy. marcus was happy. poppy was happy.
and we were all rejuvenated as we made our way back to this place we live--hating it a little less--and for now, that's good enough for me.

sometimes you just gotta get out of the city to find the beauty in the state you live.
thank you prescott.
Poppy's face! haha


Kirsten Wiemer said...

I'm from las vegas and our summers our killer as well.
my husbands from arizona as well.
so every time we go to one of our homes in the summer, i wonder how we ever lived in places like that.
this is definitely something i would have to do in the summer. because it just gets too hot.


little said...

it's definitely hot in LA too...but then again it is probably much cooler than az.

romantically challenged

Tessa said...

May I ask where your top is from? I have been on the hunt for the perfect white summer top and have come up shorthanded!


Margaret Aller said...

Miss Ashley. Oh my goodness. You probably already know this, but google Scotland's national animal. Mind blown.

Also, you rock. Thank you for making Arizona proud. (not like i have authority to speak on behalf of the state, but alas, i did)

- a fellow Arizona girl

Kara said...

Ehrmagerd Poppy and the bear!!!!!

Wasn't it a perfect day to be in Prescott? It was so so rejuvenating for us, too :)

Irene said...

prescott looks so pretty! and i like your outfit!
i also live in a very hot place and i love to get away to france with my french guy in august! it will rain and we'll wear jackets! hahaha

Bridgette Blake said...

That picture of Poppy vs. the Bear statue is the best. Little dog syndrome.

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