Cowboy in my blood.


I feel like Ansel Adams would approve of this photo. What can i say, i'm a little proud of it.

Spending a couple of days in Heber Valley was the perfect mini-vacation. The weather was mind-blowingly beautiful and made me super jealous of a large majority of you all that actually get to spend time OUTSIDE in the summer!

We ate and visited. I filled my Poppy void by spending a majority of my time either playing catch with my sister's very eager dog, Copper, or forcing their new kitten to snuggle with me. Is there anything in the world cuter than a kitten? I thought my heart would pop as i watched Murphy discover her tail (see photos).

I also got to meet up with my best friend Jenny and meet her new baby boy! She lives in Texas but was visiting family in Utah. He was such a charmer and my heart still hurts that we aren't next door neighbors. Someday we'll make it happen, won't we Jenny?!

The whole thing made me yearn to live a country life. I loved the wide open space, the music in the park nights. It made my soul happy as we walked through the grocery store isles and my sister waved and said hi to everyone she passed.

I find this to be a reoccurring desire in my life. I wonder if it has anything to do with my heritage. My dad was a real Wyoming cowboy who grew up in a little town called Star Valley. Maybe it's in my blood.

I hope someday I get to test it out.


Mickelle McCrory said...

great pics! and I agree the top photo is very ansel adams! well done!

Kitsune-kun said...

beeaaautiful scenery!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

beautiful, seriously beautiful.
and that kitten, i'm dying.


My name is Lydia said...

yes. i'm sure ansel adams would approve of that photo. and also probably your gorgeous red hair. but that's everyone.

Ryan and Sara said...

I'm from SV! Afton is my little home town! :) I just got back from a little trip there and there is just something about the quiet, green country. I get it. :) Pretty pictures! said...

THAT first photo!

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