Pali Lookout


this was probably the most fun we had in hawaii, because for the entire duration of the visit, we were in full laughter. i've never experienced such natural chaos and it was rather amazing to feel the power of powerlessness. 
My only word of advice--don't wear a dress!
even this guy (behind marcus and corey) ended up getting blown down this incline,  spilling the drink in his hand all over the place, and he jumped up and couldn't stop laughing. it' insane up there, and if you get the chance, go!
Just getting home from the Europe trip, I felt like I wasn't going to want to travel for quite some time, but we watched a movie this weekend that reminded me of hawaii, and then seeing this--i can already feel that traveling bug. We're in trouble.


Rachel said...

haha--I always want to go on vacation as soon as I get back from vacation. I totally understand the feeling. I've never been to Hawaii. It looks beautiful!

Irene said...

such beautiful views!! amazing!
I also have the travel bug ALL THE TIME, but I love it!! :)

Bridgette Blake said...

I love how these photos captured the moment!

Sharmaine Ruth said...

haha i love how the wind is blowing everywhere! looks like paradise! :)

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Jessica Holly said...

these photos are amazing!

Jen said...

Haha love that u wore a dress!
I love strong wind, and a good laugh :)

Katie said...

I love Pali Lookout! I remember going there with my family all the time & clinging to my dad because I thought I was going to blow away.

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

Melody Pellegrin said...

I been up there. It's hilarious how windy it is!

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