How NOT To Be So Awkward On Camera:


You guys...let's talk about things you should and shouldn't do when being filmed. We can all learn from our own awkwardness, right?
1. DON'T sway side to side over and over again just because you feel terribly awkward.
2. DON'T continue to stare directly into the camera with an unwavering smile as someone right next to you graciously describes and compliments you--
3. DO interact (at least as much as possible when talking is prohibited)!
4.  DO buy that shift dress immediately and at all costs--in fact, i've got to run now...anthropologie is calling my name....
5. and DO subscribe to Reachel's channel to discover your signature style!


Kristin Thomson said...

Goodness I wouldn't have even noticed all of those things if you hadn't pointed them out. But since you did... hilarious! At least you look gorgeous.

Taylor Dunn said...

Just to save you some further embarrassment... you may want to re-check your counting (:
You look adorable in the video though! Seriously, you are stunning!

Ashley Nielson said...

what in the world! haha how did that even happen?! thanks for the heads up!

and thank you :)

Miranda said...

oh Ash. You are still too cute.

Kelsey Eaton said...

A bit awkward, but what else were you suppose to do?? I would have done the same thing :) At least you looked down right gorgeous!! :)

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