how happyness happens.


do you ever go an extended period of time without thinking about how awesome it that you still love your husband/boyfriend/significant other and then one day you're just driving home and BAM, you look over at them and are flooded with happiness and gratitude that you God gave you the ability to just keep on loving--more and more even?
that happened to me friday.
and that made me happy.
and when marcus looked over at me with a big grateful smile on my face, it made him happy. 
and i guess that's how happyness happens.
How does it happen for you?
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Irene Navajas said...

I feel like that sometimes, like I couldn't think after all this (actually short) time I still feel in love with him and he makes me so happy :)

Celeste Rubalcava said...

I was just talking to my husband abt that last week. April 30th marks our 5 year anniversary & our one year marriage anniversary comes in September, but these last six months I've grown more in love with him, funny what marriage will do to you! :)

Melody Pellegrin said...

what a sweet, beautiful post! It happens for me when I see my husband smiling and laughing with our son.

Mandy Sorensen said...

Hair tutorial for that gorgeous bun you're rocking!

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