April 24th.


Today i went out to Frances in Phoenix.
A few months ago we got the sweetest, most exciting email from my friend Sarah Rhodes, telling me that she's working with Georganne, the owner of Frances, to make a Summer Style Guide and they wanted Marcus and I to be in one of the shoots.
Getting ready for the whole thing, we got to meet the coolest people, running the most beautiful shops and it made me really proud and excited to call the Phoenix area my home.
It's so cool to get to interact with creative, positive people that are doing something they love and are passiate about, and who are willing to help and support other people and business that are trying to do the same.
That's kind of what this whole Style Guide is about--its a collection (a beautiful and fun one, i might add) of Frances' favorite things, places, activities, shops, and restaurants in Phoenix to inspire you this summer.

You're definitely going to want to check it out!
They're having a big magazine launch/anniversary party May 3rd, that unfortunately we'll be out of town for, but when i went into Frances to buy a pair of shoes that i wore (and fell in love with) at the shoot, Georganne was in the store and pulled me into the back room to get a sneak peek at the rough draft of the magazine--it's so fun, you guys! And getting to know her, even for the few minutes I had, was a delight and a highlight of my week.
She even mentioned she would send me a few extras to giveaway on the blog, so if you're interested, I'd be happy to do that :) 
(and don't worry, if you're totally sick of seeing me and marcus, we only take up a page or two!)
And if you live in the area, I strongly encourage you to go to the party this May 3rd! These people are so awesome, and you're going to want to meet them and see all they're up to.
I'm pretty sure if I had to come up with two of the nicest, most genuine people i know at the moment, it would be Sarah Rhodes (the photographer) and Georganne (the owner of Frances and Smeeks). They're the best. That's simply the truth.

The whole point of this story was, that today was a really great day.
i hope yours was too.
<<what i wore>>
crop top//nastygal sale $11 (buy similar here)
sunnies//amazing $9 (buy them here)
earrings//c.o. sheinside $10 (buy them here)
dot trousers//c.o. oasap (buy them here
dara re-mix wedges//frances
world watch//urban outfitters $30 (buy it here)


Aiketa said...

Oh! I'm in love with that watch. I saw it a few weeks ago on their website... but shipping it to Spain is more expensive than the watch itself... Oh! So bad!!! And they only have it in the US website, not the UK one.

And that's really cool that they asked you to participate in this nice project. I hope you share it with us.

Aiketa said...

I just checked UO UK they have it now! I'm happy!!! :)
Oh and by the way, enjoy Europe!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love those pants.
they look so cute on you.
and your shoes, perfect.

sounds exciting, if we were going down to az anytime soon id make sure we went, but we arent. sad.

excited to see how the shoot turned out.


Sonja said...

HOW did you do your hair like that?!
It's so pretty!

Anne Hill said...

those pants are awesome! you look great

Ashley Nielson said...

@aiketa, i'm so happy for you too! you're going to love it :)

@kirsten, thanks! i wish you were going to be here too, then you could stay in my house and take care of my pup for me while i'm away :)

thanks @sonja, my sister did if for me, isn't it cool?

@anne, i was nervous about them when they came in the mail, but they were pretty fun to style :) thanks!

Irene said...

that's so cool, it must have been a super experience modelling!

hayley said...

this outfit is killer!!!

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