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well, as i mentioned on instagram, i got a surprise new job last week at an ad agency in tempe. i had talked to a man there several months ago to see if they had any openings and i never really heard back from him and then last week i just got an email that said, 'hey we want to hire you. can you come in tomorrow?' ha!

anyways, i'm still in that terrifying, try to figure everything out without letting anyone know i don't really know exactly what i'm doing there yet, but i think it's going to be fun and i've already made some new friends. 
(how cool is this bag?)
<<what i wore>>
emerald earrings//anthropologie (buy here)
favorite bra ever//braologie (last day to enter this giveaway)
white denim//gap (buy here)
pony bag//c.o. oasap (buy it here)
oversized gold watch//mimi's the look (similar here)
brown sandals//old navy (similar here)
so some how i am now a nanny, a j.crew visuals worker, a blogger, and a influencer outreacher for an ad agency! 
how did this happen?
what it has done for me is make me really appreciate days off! today marcus and i both had a day off, so we spent our time coincidentally on the very street that i work eating brunch at NCounter (their french toast!!!), taking pictures, and perusing the shops on Mill Ave.
The weather was glorious (if you've ever wanted to visit Arizona, now is the time)!
I love that I love my husband, and i equally love that he loves spending time with me.

p.s. the bachelor finale?! ahhhh, tell me your thoughts!


Irene Navajas said...

wow! congrats! you really are a working girl with so many jobs!! good luck!

anni said...

congrats on the new job! also, that bag is to die for, i think i might need to order myself one!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

that is so awesome lady. congrats. i definitely need to be finding myself a few extra jobs on the side.

Meghan Whalen said...

Terrified? You fooled me! You seem like you know what you're doing!

Mickelle McCrory said...

awesome! and congrats on the new job!

Gloria Hefziba said...

Girl, you look awesome! The whole outfit is so cool and seems to be very comfortable! Your shirt? Love it. The bag... ah, the bag! It's amazing!

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SaraM said...

I love how nothing truly matches, yet it all looks so cohesive! Super cute!


Hayley Elliott said...

you are so cute!

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