take a seat.


when we got our tickets to hawaii we flew allegiant which is basically the bare-bones airlines. 
they charge extra for any kind of convenience.
we would have to pay $40 extra if we wanted seats next to each other, so we passed on that. 
i wasn't really happy about the idea of taking a 6 hour flight next to two strangers, but i didn't think much about it--i just thought i would listen to music or doodle in my notebook and keep to myself.
i ended up sitting to two wonderful older women who ended up opened up their life to me and let me share mine. i know more about those ladies than i know about many of my friends,
it was such an inspiring flight that made me want to strive harder to get outside myself in the hopes that i will learn and be inspired by the wonderful people that live on this earth.
we have so much to teach each other.
take a seat. 
make a friend.


Emily S said...

I love that! I made a friend on my flight to San Diego last weekend. We even became Facebook friends so we can keep up with each other! I love making friends in unexpected places :)

Meghan Whalen said...

I LOVED this! I once made friends with an older couple on a flight to Boston. We exchanged information and they told me if I ever wanted a free place to stay, I should call them. So sweet!

Aiketa said...

This is so so awesome!!! I loved this video. I'm sure sharing it on my blog!
Your story reminded me of some of my flight stories. Last June, I went to Rivera Maya as an end of degree trip with 130 people from Medical School. My seat was near my friends, but I was alone next to two stranger. First I was a little unhappy, that I didn't get to seat next to my friends. But the couple next to me, where so so nice and I had so much fun talking with the woman during the hours we weren't sleeping during the 10h flight from Madrid to Cancun. Also, last December I went flied alone to Prague, and it was so nice that I had nice conversation with another woman traveling alone and also the couple sitting next to me. But I think my best experience was when I was traveling to NYC alone and during our stop in Geneva, a boy came to talk to me while I was having lunch. He was in my flight too, and then he was also friends with an old lady. In the plane they were seated one next to another, me far from them. Whenever I was tired of being seated, I would walk to where they were and talk to them for a while. It was so nice, to feel like I had some friends there.

Andrea Baker said...

Thanks for sharing. Such a fun video! My sisters just flew through allegiant to Hawaii and I'm wishing I was there right now.

katilda.com said...

This happened to me recently! I flew to Denver and the girl next to me chatted my head off. We ended up exchanging numbers and still text randomly, haha

Irene Navajas said...

You were lucky to have found a nice couple of ladies! sometimes you have this ever crying babies and kids pushing all around... which is not good for my mood, but hey, the inconveniences of places !:)

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