{foodie} friday: berry goddess


my favorite brunch-time snack:

plain 0% fat fage greek yogurt
fresh berries and a drizzle of honey
(and when we have it, vanilla and almond granola!)
+if you live in the valley, there's a place down main st. called superstition ranch market--insanely good prices on fresh produce, i got 4 lbs of strawberries for $1


Kelsey Eaton said...

4 lbs for a dollar?! I am jealous!

Katie Baker said...

That looks so yummy! Mixing things with plain greek yogurt is seriously the best!


Jen said...

Ugh no way, they were 0.50 when i went earlier this week. I should have know they would go down more.
That's one of the great things about moving. I'm closer to the Market :)

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