olive & ivory.


 do you ever put on an outfit and just feel like-- a woman? with my body, i often feel like i'm still kind of a kid, it doesn't really bother me, but occasionally i see someone with a really womanly figure and wonder what it might be like to feel really sophisticated and grown up. when i put this outfit together and looked in the mirror i felt like that and it was fun. I'm glad to know i have something in my closet that i can go to when i need to feel, well, more grown up!
<<what i wore>>
silk blouse//j.crew sale $20 (buy similar here)
canvas army jacket//ann taylor sale $24 (buy similar here and here)
leather belt//j.crew sale $19 (buy similar here)
teardrop necklace//forever21 $6 (buy here)
lace skirt//h&m clearance $12 (buy similar here and here)
slip extender//c.o. a slip shop
gold mini-skull anklet//clair de lune jewelry $10
leopard heels//target $29 (buy similar here)

what the outfit you go to when you want to feel that way?

i feel it's only appropriate to end with this:
and feel free to discuss those male back-up dancers, because--wow, i really want to hear what you have to say about them...


Mugdha .Golwalkar said...

I always go for cinched waists and fuller skirts, but as someone with a "womanly figure" sometimes I would kill to look a little less grown up, to be honest.

Jessica said...

I love this outfit. gorgeous.


Andrea Hunt said...

well...the dancers arent in sync. they probably shouldve practiced. :) and also...the one that licked his lips...gross. the end.

Marilyn Freeman said...

You look really lovely in this outfit. Especially that skirt! I have a "womanly figure" and love to embrace my curves, especially on Sundays. It would be nice to dress more casually with the ease you do.

shelby mae said...

love this outfit!

I think I'm just gonna go ahead and buy one of those male backup dancer's shirts for my husband.
I love Shania Twain but this music video is ridiculous! haha

Brandi said...

1. love the outfit 2. i think when I wear black leather like a jacket or skirt I feel most attractive....and put together. 3. Those dancers with the guitars are most talented. I mean "step together step" and those shirts....wow... :)


Megan said...

Those were my wedding colors! Olive is one of my favorite colors ever!

Susan Graves said...

Oh great! Looking so lovely with the stylish outfit.

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