weekend at the farm.


once upon a time we went on a double date to Schnepf's Farm with our friends alex and jimmy.
we were really excited to do the corn maze, unfortunately after the initial boys run off and scare us a few times, it lost it's novelty. 
we felt it was our duty to the rest of the participants to make it more exciting by hiding in the stocks and scaring them as they passed by. after all, we wished someone was doing that for us.

we found a good dark spot and waited. for a long time. eventually a couple came by and i tapped them on the shoulder with a stock and they jumped and ran off. then a couple of teen girls came sneaking by. i dropped the stock down right before they passed and let out a yell. one of the girls dropped to the ground, startled and screaming. i raised up to apologize and show her i was just a normal girl, but she got in my face and yelled, "I hate your stinking guts, i could seriously stab you! i hate you, i hate you!" and ran off whining.
not exactly the reaction i was going for, but i couldn't help but laugh. 
i assume that makes me a terrible person. 
i can probably live with that.

(*for those who were concerned, we then went after her and helped them find their way out--we also saw them later, and they were just fine.)


Irene Navajas said...

I don't know what I'd say to you if you did that to me!! that must have been a good fright!! XD

7isa Rae said...

...that is so funny! not a terrible person..and I love the planking!

Pamela said...

That's terrible! How frightening for those kids!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

hahaha. i'm only laughing because i'm the not the one that got scared. but you aren't a bad person.
love these pictures and the sunflowers.

Kirsten Alvarez said...

HAHA Oh Ashley you are so fun!!! I am sure those girls will survive and will tell that tale forever! Love the pics:):)

Maureen said...

I actually thought it was a very unkind thing to do. Imagine if it has been you or a younger sibling?!

beverlopolis said...

Oh man, I HATE being scared. I probably would've cried and quit the maze.

Carolynn Bullard said...

I love that girl's white lace shirt :) how beautiful

Jen said...

Wow, what an asshole thing to do.
I hope someone does something to mean - kicking your lame ass dog would be good - and then acts like it's the funniest thing ever when you get pissed.

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